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Sport pilot program moves forwardSport pilot program moves forward

Sport pilot program moves forward
Student pilot application date changed

The FAA continues to move forward in developing the necessary support for light sport aviation. The agency recently released two documents that provide the infrastructure for approving light sport aircraft repairman courses.

Meanwhile, the FAA again has amended the date that it will begin accepting student sport pilot applications back to November 15.

"That was the original date, but then the FAA slipped it to next year because the application form won't be ready until January," said Rob Hackman, AOPA manager of regulatory and certification policy. "Now the Light Sport Aviation Branch has decided to use the current FAA airman application form until the sport pilot-specific form is available."

Sport pilot applicants will be able to use current FAA Form 8710-1 (See " Boarding Pass: FAA Form 8710" and AOPA's Online Interactive Form 8710.)

"The FAA will issue specific guidance on using Form 8710-1 for sport pilot applications prior to November 15," said Hackman.

November 15 is when the FAA intends to have finalized all of the policies and procedures required for designated pilot examiners and inspectors to issue student sport pilot certificates. The FAA will not process student sport pilot applications until then.

FAA Form 8710-11 Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application - Sport Pilot is scheduled to be available on January 1, 2005. For more information, see AOPA's Sport Pilot section.

October 14, 2004

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