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Alaska protects back-country airstrip aidesAlaska protects back-country airstrip aides

Alaska protects back-country airstrip aides

June 9, 2004 - Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski has approved an AOPA-backed measure - that both houses of the state legislature passed with only one dissenting vote - which protects "Good Samaritan" individuals from liability when working to maintain back country airstrips.

H.B. 474, introduced by Representative Jim Holm (R-Fairbanks), protects those individuals who volunteer their time working on Alaska's many private and public airstrips. The bill gained the support of a range of interests, led by AOPA, working with the Alaska Airmen's Association.

"I hope the protections provided under this law will encourage aviation groups to become involved in volunteer maintenance of Alaska's back-country airstrips, many of which are on public land, "said AOPA Regional Representative Tom George. "These airstrips and landing areas are a key element of the state's aviation infrastructure, and their safe operation is critical to our way of life."

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