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Lancair owners form organization for safety, advocacyLancair owners form organization for safety, advocacy

A new nonprofit organization for Lancair owners and builders will focus on promoting the safe use of Lancair aircraft and emphasize owner, operator, and builder education and training, according to the group’s founders.

Recently started by a small group of Lancair enthusiasts and endorsed by Lancair International Inc., the Lancair Owners and Builders Organization, or LOBO, also hopes to build partnerships with insurance companies and work closely with regulatory agencies.

“Coupled with better communication between our members and insurance providers, improved safety will help our members better control skyrocketing operating costs,” said LOBO co-founder Bob Pastusek.

Lancairs have been involved in what the FAA labeled a “disproportionate” number of fatal accidents, including seven fatal accidents between February and July of this year. See AOPA Air Safety Foundation Executive Director Bruce Landsberg’s blog on the subject and share your opinions.

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