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FAA backs down on new rules for knowledge testing centersFAA backs down on new rules for knowledge testing centers

Thanks to intervention from AOPA, the FAA is not going to require knowledge testing center employees to become FAA designees or set mileage requirements between centers.

The association strongly opposed a proposed order to make testing center employees become FAA designees because the process would have required days of travel and training for each employee.

“The employees would have become designees similar to aviation medical and pilot examiners,” said Rob Hackman, AOPA senior director of regulatory affairs. “The knowledge testing center employees play no role in evaluating the test, so requiring them to become FAA designees would have been inappropriate.”

AOPA also opposed changes to another order that would institute a mileage requirement between testing centers. The association argued that the number of centers in an area should be decided by market demand.

This summer, the FAA revoked administration privileges for nearly 160 knowledge testing centers that gave less than 25 tests during the past year. Since that time, AOPA has successfully worked with the FAA to get testing privileges reinstated for more than half of the centers that challenged the revocation.

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