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Preserve airports proactively, AOPA urges Pennsylvania officialsPreserve airports proactively, AOPA urges Pennsylvania officials

The best time to save community airports is before they are threatened, and thoughtful land-use policies and zoning rules are the tools for the job, AOPA told members of the Pennsylvania Aviation Council at a recent conference.

Speaking as part of a panel on airport protection during the Oct. 24 conference, AOPA Vice President of Regional Affairs Greg Pecoraro reminded the group that the best advocates for community airports are the people who use them, including pilots, business owners, and airport managers.

“AOPA is always here to help, but it’s the people who rely on an airport who are best situated to demonstrate its value to the broader community,” Pecoraro said, adding that AOPA offers numerous resources for local airport supporters, including the new Guide for Airport Advocates: Participating in the Planning Process.

To find out more about how you can support your airport, or to nominate yourself as an AOPA Airport Support Network volunteer, see the Web site.

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