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AOPA goes to bat for small knowledge testing centersAOPA goes to bat for small knowledge testing centers

AOPA is continuing to put pressure on the FAA to reinstate knowledge test privileges at certain CATS and LaserGrade testing facilities across the country.

The FAA had made a policy change that revoked the privileges at roughly 160 centers because they gave fewer than 25 tests last year. The policy also stated that testing centers had to be a certain distance apart.

In a follow-up letter to the FAA, AOPA requested that the agency immediately reinstate all testing centers that have asked for reconsideration or have appealed the cancellation of their testing privileges under the new 100-mile distance requirement. AOPA also called on the FAA to meet with the industry about existing and proposed requirements.

AOPA is concerned that the FAA policy punishes existing testing providers and does not support the ongoing industry effort to grow the pilot population. Besides the financial investments that testing centers have made in equipment purchases, many flight schools rely on their testing centers to provide the full range of training to students.

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