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Residential development threatens Tracy airportResidential development threatens Tracy airport

Building homes too close to an airport is bad public policy that threatens investments in airports and creates noise and safety concerns for homeowners, AOPA told city of Tracy officials in a Sept. 10 letter. In the letter, AOPA asks city officials to stop a proposed plan to build homes, an aquatic center, and a commercial district within one mile of Tracy Municipal Airport, a busy field with more than 60,000 annual operations and 120 based aircraft. In fact, the densest residential development of the proposed Surland’s Subdivision/Ellis Project lies within the airport’s protected zone. AOPA reminded city officials that they have accepted airport development grants that obligate them to protect the airport and prevent development that could threaten airport operations or safety. In addition, the letter points out that the proposed development is not in keeping with California’s land-use planning guidelines.

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