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New public meeting ordered to explore MOA expansion impactNew public meeting ordered to explore MOA expansion impact

The FAA and Air Force will have an additional public meeting on the potential impact of a plan to expand the Bulldog MOA in Georgia. The agencies were instructed to hold the meeting, scheduled for 7 p.m. on Oct. 23 at the Augusta Regional Airport, after a congressional inquiry into the proposed expansion, and pilots who will be affected by the proposed airspace change are encouraged to attend.

AOPA and local pilots have objected to the proposal on the grounds that it creates safety hazards and will threaten commercial operators that base at underlying airports.

The expansion was first proposed in 2005, but that plan was defeated, in part because of the anticipated impact on civil aviation. Earlier this year, the Air Force introduced a new proposal that would create two new MOAs, Bulldog C and Bulldog E, under the existing MOA shelf. AOPA and others have argued that the new proposal still doesn’t do enough to protect civil aviation.

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