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Cost-effective ADS-B solutionsCost-effective ADS-B solutions

With 14 months left to equip for ADS-B, it can feel daunting trying to determine what ADS-B solution is best for your aircraft within such a small window of time. Luckily, Garmin is here to help with a suite of ADS-B solutions that span a variety of aircraft types, including experimental/light sport, general aviation, helicopters, business aviation and transport aircraft.

With a Garmin ADS-B solution, pilots can achieve compliance, receive best-in-class benefits and confidently operate in the National Airspace System.

Offering a wide range of products that seamlessly integrate with new and existing avionics, the GDL 82 starts at $1,795 and the GTX 335 transponder starts at $2,995 to bring many aircraft to compliance. The GTX 345, starts at $4,995 and interfaces to popular avionics to display traffic and weather relative to flight plan information and more.

Garmin incorporates exclusive features and benefits into its suite of ADS-B products that further improve and simplify every flight, including patented TargetTrend. Simply put, TargetTrend displays a real-time indication of where an aircraft will be in the future, taking into account heading and velocity to display its trajectory. With TargetTrend, pilots receive a better, real-time picture of the aircraft around them, which also helps pilots do what’s operationally expected of them by ATC and assists in maintaining a safe operating environment.

TerminalTraffic™, another patented Garmin technology, offers pilots an all-inclusive display of ADS-B-equipped aircraft and ground vehicles operating in the airport environment. Using distinct colors and symbology, TerminalTraffic helps pilots easily distinguish between aircraft that are taxiing on the airport surface, those that are airborne, as well as ground vehicles that may be crossing a runway. Audible alerts such as are also enabled as part of this technology.

Garmin has more ADS-B solutions flying than any other manufacturer today, which are backed by decades of experience resulting in superior integration, industry leading technology and exclusive features unmatched by any other ADS-B solution on the market. All certified Garmin solutions come with a two-year warranty and are supported by a global award-winning avionics product support team. For additional information, visit:

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