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Tips on Your Aircraft and CampingTips on Your Aircraft and Camping

When you think of camping, is it under the wing of your aircraft? Is the best alarm clock the sound of an aircraft warming up for an early dawn flight? When you fly your aircraft to a campsite, be prepared and informed from an insurance standpoint. Read our tips about reviewing your insurance policy and rules for camping.

Do you prefer the sound of an aircraft warming up for an early dawn flight as your alarm clock? Thousands of Oshkosh bound pilots have discovered, there is no better place to make good friends than a campground surrounded by airplanes, pilots and tents. Every year pilots and their families fly from one airport to another enjoying America from a vantage point unimaginable to many. Now, what does that have to do with insurance? Insurance folks think everything could have an insurance consequence and camping under a wing is no different -making preparedness and a policy review essential.

Fortunately, you really don’t need to do much from an insurance standpoint. The insurance companies have already done most of the work for you. Unless your policy restricts you to hard-surface airports, you are already covered for landing at a sod airstrip. Check your policy, but you will probably find that the place you land must be designed and regularly used as a landing facility. While your fiend’s fresh cut field may be out, most companies don’t restrict you to asphalt runways.

So, what about your campsite? You may be covered under two policies. If your aircraft insurance policy includes an extended coverage provision or endorsement, your liability protection may extend to include the “use of premises in or upon which your aircraft is parked.” If you have a homeowner’s policy, the definition of “insured location” may cover a premises “…not owned by an insured but where an insured is temporarily residing.” While there is some limited coverage under an aircraft insurance policy for theft or destruction of a passenger’s property, in most cases your homeowner policy would likely be the policy to respond to such losses. Bottom line review your insurance policies to be certain what is covered and what is not.

Now that you have an idea what to look for in your insurance policies, what are the rules of airport camping?

  • Rule 1 – Always call ahead and get permission to camp. Your policy does not cover trespassing. Whether it is a public use or private field, even if the airport directory says camping is approved, you need to verify camping is approved.
  • Rule 2 – Bring your own tie-downs. As an aircraft owner, you are legally required to act in a reasonable and responsible manner. Be sure to tie the plane down securely.
  • Rule 3 – Keep your campground clean, picked up and safe. It’s always a good policy to ensure your area looks better when you leave than when you arrived. Consider offering to help with a ramp FOD sweep.

Do what you can to help your community revitalize your local airport and make it a welcoming place for everyone. Share your love of flying and encourage or mentor those interested in becoming a pilot! If you have insurance questions, would like help reviewing your policy, or want a FREE QUOTE on your aircraft insurance, please contact AssuredPartners Aerospace. As AOPA’s partner for aviation insurance, we are here for you - shopping the market for the right insurance to meet your needs and budget. Please visit, or call us at 800.622.2672. We look forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to serve your insurance needs.

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