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AOPA's 2019 Flight Training Experience AwardsAOPA's 2019 Flight Training Experience Awards

AOPA's 2010 Flight Training Excellence Awards

Regional best Flight Instructors

Students rated the regional Best Flight Instructors highly in instructor technique, ability to adapt to fit the student’s learning style, and in bringing the student into the aviation community.

AOPA's 2010 Flight Training Excellence AwardsEastern
Jim Stover
Airport: Shannon Airport (EZF), Virginia
What students say: “Jim uses his years of experience to quickly build the confidence and knowledge of his students. His calm demeanor is contagious and exemplifies how a pilot should respond under stress. Jim makes certain that his students are fully prepared.... My experience with Jim was an exceptional one, and when it came time for the checkride I felt more than prepared.”

AOPA's 2010 Flight Training Excellence AwardsSouthern
Christopher Kreske *National Best Flight Instructor
Airport: Wayne Executive Jetport Airport (GWW), North Carolina
What students say: “Chris is hugely invested in providing an efficient and highly effective flight instruction program for professional pilots. Selfless and full of energy and wisdom. A pilot’s pilot!”

AOPA's 2010 Flight Training Excellence AwardsGreat Lakes
Mike Biewenga
Airport: Lake in the Hills Airport (3CK), Illinois
What students say: “Mike possesses that rare ability of being able to challenge me to go beyond my settled comfort zone, allowing me the space to make mistakes along the way and in the process keep me motivated to learn new skills and knowledge—and thirst for more. I come away smiling after every flight and always look forward to the next lesson.”

AOPA's 2010 Flight Training Excellence AwardsCentral Southwest
Howard Davenport
Airport: David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport (DWH), Texas
What students say: “Howard does an excellent job of passing his knowledge and experience down to his students, namely me. He does this in a way that is personable and refreshing. He is intuitive in recognizing my weaknesses and finds ways to remove them, gaining improvement every time. An excellent teacher and aviator.”

AOPA's 2010 Flight Training Excellence AwardsWestern Pacific
Kinsey Moss
Airport: Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (IWA), Arizona
What students say: “Kinsey is truly passionate about flight instructing. She’s patient, knowledgeable, and a skilled aviator. Her critiques are always very constructive and have made me a better pilot.”

AOPA's 2010 Flight Training Excellence AwardsNorthwest Mountain
David Novotny
Airport: City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport (COS), Colorado
What students say: “David goes out of his way to make sure I know what I need to know for any flight I’ll be taking (if he knows about it), whether or not he flies with me. Dave is congenial, knows his stuff, and seems to enjoy teaching me at my level whatever he thinks will help me.”

AOPA's 2010 Flight Training Excellence Awards

Regional Best Flight Schools

Each of these flight schools earned exceptional ratings from its students in the areas of flight training effectiveness, student support, access to community, and more.

AOPA's 2010 Flight Training Excellence AwardsEastern
AeroVenture Flight Center *National Best Flight School
Airport: Mansfield Municipal Airport (1B9), Massachusetts
Aircraft: SportCruiser, Oculus Rift VR sim
What students say: “AeroVenture is in my opinion the best flight school I’ve attended so far. I’ve had experiences in a number of other flight training environments, and AeroVenture is without a doubt the most professional, attentive, safety-conscious organization I’ve seen. The staff are courteous and always available and the instruction is organized, engaging, and clear.”

AOPA's 2010 Flight Training Excellence AwardsSouthern
Kingsky Flight Academy
Airport: Lakeland Linder International Airport (LAL), Florida
Aircraft: Piper, Cessna, Redbird sim, B737 NG sim
What students say: “Kingsky has a great team that is determined to help you succeed. The school is run by ex and current airline pilots, so you can expect the highest quality of flight training and safety is their number one priority. The fleet is well maintained and flight instructors are great, all very personable and knowledgeable.”

AOPA's 2010 Flight Training Excellence AwardsGreat Lakes
Spencer Aviation
Airport: Delaware Municipal Airport—Jim Moore Field (DLZ), Ohio
Aircraft: Cessna, Diamond, Piper, Redbird sim
What students say: “Spencer Aviation’s flight school has been an absolute pleasure to attend. They consistently provide outstanding customer service, expert instruction, and good value to their students. I would highly recommend Spencer Aviation to anyone interested in learning to fly.”

AOPA's 2010 Flight Training Excellence AwardsCentral Southwest
Nationwide Aviation
Airport: Parker County Airport (WEA), Texas
Aircraft: Piper
What students say: “The culture at Nationwide Aviation is like no other in the sense that it exceeds all other flight schools I’ve attended in both quality and professionalism. The school has become my second home and the staff my family.”

AOPA's 2010 Flight Training Excellence AwardsWestern Pacific
Sierra Charlie Aviation
Airport: Scottsdale Airport (SDL), Arizona
Aircraft: Cessna, Redbird sim
What students say: “Sierra Charlie is amazing! They are growing fast, adding planes and simulators. I seem to always have a plane available and all the instructors are great. Someone is always available to help or answer questions; even if they are not my instructor. Many instructors have moved on to the airlines, which is very inspiring!”

AOPA's 2010 Flight Training Excellence AwardsNorthwest Mountain
SkyTrek Alaska Flight Training
Airport: Merrill Field (MRI), Alaska
Aircraft: Cessna
What students say: “My experience at SkyTrek Alaska far exceeded my expectations! After each session I felt like I was on cloud nine. SkyTrek gave an overwhelming amount of support.... My concerns were always addressed with realism, my goals were met with celebration, my failures were turned into successes, and that’s part of what makes SkyTrek Alaska so wonderful.”

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