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Aviation-inspired attitude control systems help regulate the rigid airfoil sailing wings, main sail, flaps, and twin underwater elevators shown on Oracle Team USA's America's Cup catamaran as it's lifted toward the water for the first time in Bermuda, Feb. 15. Photo by David Tulis.

Airbus tech powers USA racing yacht

Bill Cox and Rachel Payne flight-see over the canyon in an iFly Columbia 350 near Guano Point. Photo courtesy of George A. Kounis.

Pilot Getaways: Hang Out with the Hualapai

Depiction of TFR inner and outer ring with proposed cutout for Lantana Airport.

AOPA offers solution to Lantana Airport security shutdowns

The FAA has certified the Thrush 510P under Part 23 to fly at 10,500 pounds. The Thrush 510G is also certified under Part 23 for operations at 10,500 pounds gross weight, the company announced Feb. 22. Photo courtesy of Thrush Aircraft.

Thrush earns weight increase

GAMA President and CEO Pete Bunce, center, was flanked by current, future, and past GAMA chairmen, including current Chairman Simon Caldecott, far left, the CEO of Piper Aircraft, as the group discussed the aviation market Feb. 22.

Aircraft shipments continue slide

AOPA has created membership options for drone pilots.

AOPA welcomes drone pilots

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Aircraft ownership and maintenance

Why change the oil?

Continental and Lycoming tell us that we must change the oil in our engines every 50 hours or 4-6 months, whichever comes first—and that’s if we have a full-flow oil filter installed. If we have only an oil screen, then the oil change interval goes down to 25 hours. Did you ever wonder why we ...
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