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    Career flying

    Special airports

    A recent conversation with a non-aviating friend of mine brought up a reminder about certain airports not being of the every day, run-of-the-mill variety. The question was whether or not my airline could just fly any plane into any airport with any pilot on any given day (assuming proper runway length, et cetera).The answer is ...

    Decommissioning of NDB’s and Airspace changes in Alaska

    FAA is proposing changes to the aviation infrastructure in Alaska.  Public notices have been issued for decommissioning of non-directional beacons (NDBs) and to modify the Class D and E airspace around the Kodiak Airport.  Please review these proposals and let the FAA and AOPA know if they impact the flying you do in these areas. ...
    GA community

    Emotional Distance

    While we tend to measure distance literally in the space between two points, the concept of “emotional distance” is something that has come to the forefront since I began flying in foreign countries. The concept is rather simple: long flights tend to involve more work, skill, risk, and complexity. Accordingly, if we have not done ...
    Career flying

    How long does it take?

    Pilots who are new to a company and an airplane can at times feel like they will never “get it.” The first shot out of the firehose is information. Lots and lots of information, about everything from the company to the managers to how to get a mistake on your ID badge fixed. Then there ...
    GA community

    Recognizing your favorite mechanic … what makes a mechanic GREAT?

    In the past few years, the Citizen of the World has been honored by having many skilled and experienced mechanics work on her. She visited many shops and repair facilities across the United States and received over 50 upgrades and modifications. I like to believe that each mechanic made her a little bit better. These ...
    Career flying

    Is the pandemic over?

    It’s the question we all want the answer to: Is the pandemic over? In short, no, it isn’t. But things are definitely trending in the right direction. Unless you have been buried under a rock of late, you’ve no doubt heard that mask mandates are being eased, and travel is suddenly becoming more popular. With ...

    Into the Alligator's Mouth: Final Chapter

    We have had a fun journey exploring personal minimums through the wisdom of over a dozen pilots in the past few months. I hope that you enjoy this final installment and apply the concepts to your flying.  I am thrilled to be presenting a seminar on the content for the Los Angeles 99s virtually on ...
    Career flying

    Getting ready for class

    When you get the call for a new hire class, it’s quite a thrill. But it can also leave you scrambling to get ready to check out of the real world for six to eight weeks. Getting ready for class is similar to getting ready for your interview. The first thing you need to do ...
    GA community

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    An excellent artifice to take stock of the status of one’s situation as a pilot is to focus on what one is excited about. We all know what it was like to tell war stories as a student pilot about light to moderate crosswinds, which was at the time the most exciting thing to happen ...
    Career flying

    Behind the scenes

    Like any other industry, aviation has a lot of stuff that happens “behind the scenes” that the average Joe isn’t aware of. In fact, often people within that industry may not be aware of some of it either. After all, how often do you go to a restaurant and think about all the stuff that ...
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