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Aircraft Insurance Guidebook – What you need to know before you fly

If you’re like most people, you’d do just about anything to get out of discussing insurance and honestly, we can’t really blame you.

AssuredPartners Aerospace, one of the nation’s largest aviation insurance brokers gets it – insurance is boring and filled with lots of complicated jargon, and ultimately leads to you parting with some hard-earned cash for a policy that you may not even fully understand.

That’s a pretty scary position to find yourself in, and one that, if you aren’t covered properly, could end up costing you big in the event of a claim. Here are some things to consider when buying insurance:

  • Is your liability limit smooth or with a sublimit? If with a sublimit, is it per passenger or per person?
  • Does your hull coverage include “in motion” and “not in motion” incidents?
  • What’s the approved use under the policy and does it cover your flight operations?
  • Is there coverage for you when renting or borrowing an aircraft owned by others?
  • Are there any piloty or training requirements?

We want to arm you with all the insurance knowledge you need to make informed decisions when insuring your aircraft and we’ve made it as painless as possible with our Owner Aircraft Insurance Guide Book. Download your Free Guide Book here.

If you still have questions or would like a free review of your policy, call us at 800-622-2672 to speak directly with one of our Aviation Specialists. They can answer your questions and even get you a quote from multiple insurance carriers in one phone call. 

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AssuredPartners Aerospace

As AOPA’s strategic partner for aviation insurance, AssuredPartners Aerospace, one of the nation’s largest aviation insurance firms, provides the absolute best insurance protection to fit your needs. Whether you’re flying your own airplane, renting, instructing, or running an aviation business, we have an unmatched depth of knowledge and resources driven by the desire to set a new standard for service and responsiveness. With more than 25 years’ experience serving pilots’ aviation insurance needs, our expertise has been developed over years of working closely with the nation’s best insurance carriers. We understand the exposures that make aviation insurance unique.