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Seven Creative Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July at Home

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It’s officially summer! And that means getting ready to celebrate our All-American Fourth of July holiday! Independence Day is a holiday that makes summer a time to wave our flags and join in the festivities. However, Fourth of July celebrations will look a little different this year. Concerns surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak have led to the cancellation of many traditional events, which means you may be looking for alternatives to fireworks or other traditional Fourth of July celebrations. Here are seven unique ways you can celebrate July Fourth at home.

  1. Test Your Knowledge of America
    See how much you actually know about American history. Believe it or not, independence was not actually declared on the fourth of July. Do you know when it was declared? If not, it looks like you should brush up on your knowledge of Independence Day. Divide into teams and put your knowledge of American history to the test! We have created a quiz for you, so you can arrive at the game well-armed. Use these interesting tidbits to spark a patriotic conversation
  2. Prepare a S’mores Bar
    Instead of setting out the traditional graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows, give your family and friends something to talk about by creating a s’mores bar. Gather an assortment of chocolate bars and different flavored crackers and marshmallows to mix things up this year. Don’t forget to provide the sticks for marshmallow roasting! Be sure to take pictures of all the different s’mores creations!
  3. Go Camping … In Your Yard
    Set up tents, a fire pit, and “live off the land” from the comfort of your own backyard. Enjoy outdoor cooking and a night under the stars with your family. But what if you’re experiencing inclement weather but still want to have a little fun? Create forts, get out your sleeping bags, and have a camp out indoors!
  4. Plan an American Movie Marathon
    Now is the perfect time to initiate a perfectly planned movie night, complete with a solid line-up of American films and all your favorite movie snacks within reach. Check out some of our top picks below:
    • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
    • Saving Private Ryan
    • Miracle
    • Independence Day
    • The Patriot
    • Apollo 13
    • Rocky
    • Captain America
  5. Plan a Patriotic Bicycle Parade
    Parades with marching bands, festive floats, and classic cars are a staple of community Independence Day celebrations. But if there’s anything more fun than watching a parade, it’s being in a parade yourself. A neighborhood bike parade is a great way to get everyone in on the act. Trick out bikes and wagons with streamers, pinwheels, and flags, and then join friends and family for a leisurely ride around the block. Wear your patriotic gear to keep it festive.
  6. Organize a Secret Uncle Sam
    Secret Santa is for the birds. Secret Uncle Sam is a real surprise! Take a roll of red-white-and-blue ribbon and tie a few carnations to hang on doorknobs in the neighborhood. Red, white, and blue helium balloons are great for this game, too.
  7. Write Letters to the Military
    The Fourth of July is an ideal opportunity to show appreciation for the military. Get the family together and write letters to them. Many organizations, such as Operation Gratitude, helps facilitate the task. Thanking men and women for their service is a great family activity and a character-building exercise.

However you choose to celebrate our nation’s independence, don’t forget to show your patriotic pride by displaying the American flag. Since its adoption in 1777, Old Glory’s stars and stripes have served as a symbol of freedom around the world. Show your national spirit and raise a flag in honor of liberty! Our country has a distinct and amazing history. It is certainly one to be cherished and celebrated!

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