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Women Entrepreneurs in Aviation

Be Inspired to Do

Women of Aviation Week isn’t over yet. Check out these four women entrepreneurs in the aviation industry who are pushing boundaries, paving their own path, and encouraging other women among the way. 
Precision Approach

Positive Rate Co.

Positive Rate Co. Is a 100% female-owned and operated platform that is “encouraging and connecting the next generation of plane drivers through [their] passion of the sky.” The wish to give women reliable and solid “access to education resources and some empowering merch” will be sure to keep you motivated. The platform is new to the world but has already made an impact on all its Instagram followers. The organizers will be launching their website soon, so you will definitely want to follow them on Instagram for updates and to get loads of encouragement and insight.

Susan Mashibe

Susan Mashibe is no stranger to the aviation services sector. Her passion for aviation sparked at the young age of four years old. Since then, she has been committed to aviation. She attended Western Michigan University and qualified for, and then become, Tanzania’s first female FAA-certified pilot and mechanic. Currently, she owns and operates VIA Aviation an aviation company specializing in providing world-class private jet handling and hangar services. Her company has grown to a multi-million-dollar organization, and her clients consisted of monarchs, heads of state, and the military. She attributes her success to the fact that she has no fear!

Instagram: @pilot.indy

Rachel King

Rachel King, better known as Pilot Indy to the Instagram world, is the proud founder and owner of Precision Approach, an aircraft washing service. Rachel initially started washing aircraft at her local flight school. She genuinely enjoyed the work which gave her an opportunity to was earn more money to help support her flight training and allowed her to make connections with other pilots. Upon moving to Colorado, she decided she wanted to continue with her work, and Precision Approach was born! Her vision for the business, Rachel states, “is to employ other female aviators, whether they are looking to pay for their training or just want the experience, and in the future become a business that is able to offer scholarships to female aviators and help to connect female pilots to mentors.”

Christine – Plane Lady

Christine set her mind to building her own aircraft because why not? Her husband, Tyler, is helping her along the way as she builds and assembles a Van’s RV-10 in her garage while reciting her mantra, “why buy planes when you can build them?” She is sharing her journey with others via her Instagram page, YouTube channel, and website, all with the hopes of encouraging others to try building an aircraft on their own. Oh, and she has cool merch you can get, too!

Steffany Kisling

Steffany Kisling is the founder of SkyAngles,a cabin attendant staffing company whose expertly trained cabin crew have since seen prominent business leaders and celebrities alike step aboard as repeat guests.” The company was so successful that Steffany was able to launch SKYacademy, an online training platform for pilots, cabin attendants and aspiring crew. The company’s motto is “Lifting each other up to soar high in private aviation.” Check out more about SkyAngles here.


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