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Your Early Gift Guide for the Holiday Season

We know, we know…Halloween just happened, Thanksgiving is around the corner, and here we are talking about Christmas already. 
AOPA Pilot Gear

Well, if you remember what happened last year (raise your hand if you got your Christmas presents in March), then you probably know that there are still shipping and manufacturing delays that could affect the timeliness of your gifts.

Here’s what we’re going to do. We’ll give you some ideas now, and you decide what you want to do about it. Listen to us? Great! Ignore us and try it your way? Yeah, good luck with that.

Wearing a scarf while flying will make any pilot think about the early days of aviation when goggles, a leather helmet, and a scarf were all part of every pilot’s kit. We’ve got a knit scarf with hand warmer pockets that’s great for the pilot in your life (or your favorite passenger). The pockets might also double for in-flight snack holders if you get creative with it. How thoughtful!

Just like hats or socks or underwear, you can never have too many mugs. We have some space-saving stackable mugs perfect for the pilot in your life (or for yourself if you’re pretty sure you’re getting socks and underwear). They come in a set of two so you can look twice as thoughtful.

Nothing says “get out” like a set of packing cubes. We actually meant for them to help you organize your suitcase when you get out and travel! You’ll be surprised how much space you’ll save when packing efficiently…uhh, we mean how much space they will save because you’re giving these as a gift, right? They come in a set of three! Yep, that means you’re three times as thoughtful!


It’s already been in the 30s in some parts of the country. What better way to get close to your significant other than snuggling up under our cable knit lambswool throw? Stash it in the car in case of emergency, or take it up in your drafty Cessna to keep your passengers warm and cozy (especially during descent when that cabin heat is about as warm as the inside of your refrigerator).


If snuggling up to someone isn’t your cup o’ tea, then we’ve got another solution (aside from the mugs above, which actually could hold your cup o’ tea). We’ve got this tricked out fleece zip hoody with thumb exits, interior phone pocket, and a headphone cord port. No more getting tangled. Graphics on the back help you remember which way is up (north, obviously), and remind you to get out there and embark on your next aviation journey.

We’ve got loads of other great gifts in our AOPA Pilot Gear Store, so check them out before it’s too late and you hand out presents in March…again.

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