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Fascinating Facts About the Ocean

June is National Oceans Month, and its purpose is to honor the ocean. The ocean is essential for our survival and life on Earth.
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It is known as the "lungs of the ocean" because it provides over 60% of our oxygen. It supplies critical foods and medicine. It can also control our climate by absorbing carbon dioxide. In honor of the ocean, here are ten shocking facts about it.

  1. Which ocean is the largest? The Pacific Ocean. It is sixty-three million square miles and covers one-third of the Earth's surface.
  2. The longest mountain chain is the Mid-Ocean Ridge in the Atlantic Ocean. It is 40,390 miles long!
  3. We have explored less than 5% of the ocean.
  4. The Mariana Trench is the deepest point of the ocean.
  5. Three million shipwrecks are in the ocean.
  6. There is enough salt in the ocean to cover the surface of the Earth five hundred feet thick!
  7. There are more historical artifacts in the ocean than in all museums on Earth.
  8. More than 70% of the Earth is covered by the ocean.
  9. About 94% of all wildlife in the world is in the ocean.
  10. 90% of volcanic activity occurs in the ocean.

The ocean is astounding, and we don't even know half of it! How can you honor our oceans this month? You can visit the beach, go swimming, and look for the perfect seashell. You can also help keep beaches clean by picking up trash when you see it. Lastly, you could watch a documentary about the ocean to learn more! I highly recommend Blue Planet and Blue Planet II. Thank you for reading!

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Caroline Smith

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Caroline Smith is a Product Marketing Coordinator at AOPA. She graduated from Towson University with a BS in Business Administration. She has experience writing as a Marketing Intern at the Chesapeake Gateway Chamber of Commerce in Essex, MD, where her work was featured in the Avenue News. She enjoys pet sitting, reading thrillers, and crocheting.
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