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Check Out These Small Businesses in Aviation

We’ve all heard of SpaceX and Boeing, but what about the small, unique, and more exciting businesses in aviation?
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Earlier in the month was National Entrepreneurship Week so we wanted to shout out these three small businesses in honor of it!


XC Candles

This Denver-based small business offers high-quality candles with natural ingredients. The candles are 100% soy wax with coconut oil, so you won’t have to worry about sensitivities or harsh chemicals. These candles come in a variety of aviation-themed smells such as “Jet Fuel in the Morning, “New Airplane Smell” and “Hangar Hangout” to transport you to the cockpit.



Aviator Cookie Company

This company is based in Midland, Michigan, and owned by Chris, a pilot for a major US airline. It was created during the pandemic in 2020 when he was grounded for nine months. Chris and his kids wanted to create something that their community would enjoy. Chris combined his passion for baking and aviation to fulfill his dream of owning a small business.


Aviator Cookie Company bakes its cookies daily. They bake over 40 different types of cookies. If you’re ever in town, you can enjoy your cookies on an airplane wing counter or order cookies and ship them to your house here.





Lastly, this Canada-based company repurposes aircraft parts, wood, metal, and automotive parts to create furniture. They offer one-of-a-kind pieces to add personality to any room. Contact them for a personalized creation that matches your style. You can even choose which aircraft materials to be the focus of your piece!


Small businesses offer unique products you can’t get anywhere else! They push economic growth and open job opportunities locally. These businesses can help you express your love of aviation, so support them if you can!

AOPA employee Caroline Smith headshot at Frederick Municipal Airport in Frederick, Maryland, February 27, 2023. Photo by David Tulis.

Caroline Smith

Product Marketing Coordinator
Caroline Smith is a Product Marketing Coordinator at AOPA. She graduated from Towson University with a BS in Business Administration. She has experience writing as a Marketing Intern at the Chesapeake Gateway Chamber of Commerce in Essex, MD, where her work was featured in the Avenue News. She enjoys pet sitting, reading thrillers, and crocheting.

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