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Air Safety Institute Webinars

Welcome to the AOPA Air Safety Institute Presents webinars. Please register for the following upcoming webinar series. You only need to register once for each series as you’ll be registered for all episodes and will receive reminder emails for upcoming episodes. On this page you can also view previously recorded webinars and catch up on what you’ve missed. We hope you enjoy them!

Air Safety Institute Flying the Backcountry Risks and Rewards Webinar Series

Flying the Backcountry: Risks and Rewards

It’s no secret: Backcountry and mountain flying have gained tremendous popularity in recent years. Pilots who participate have myriad reasons for doing so—a new challenge, a great way to sharpen their flying skills, breathtaking views, and a chance to get off the grid for the ultimate feel of freedom. Whatever the reason, the allure of flying the backcountry is undeniable, but flying in the backcountry comes with a unique set of challenges, and therefore, risks. Be sure to join us to hear from backcountry experts about what it takes to be a safe and successful backcountry aviator.

  1. Backcountry Episode #1: Watch the Recording
    Being Prepared for a Backcountry Experience
    Join ASI’s Richard McSpadden for an engaging and informative look at backcountry flying with special guests Mark Patey and Todd Christensen. What do you need to do to get ready for a safe backcountry flying experience? They will look at what happened in the backcountry last year and talk about skills that you can sharpen now while waiting to escape for that perfect backcountry day.
    • What do you need to do to get ready for a safe backcountry flying experience?
    • What skills should you sharpen now while waiting to escape for that perfect backcountry day?
  2. Backcountry Episode #2: Watch the Recording
    Group Flying Dynamics
    Flying alone in the backcountry is not a recommended practice for numerous reasons, but flying with a group shouldn’t be an exercise in military formation flying either. Stay safe while enjoying the spectacular scenery and amazing airstrips by learning how to plan and prepare for a group backcountry flight. Richard McSpadden, Sr. VP ASI and a panel of seasoned backcountry pilots will distill best practices, tips and tricks from prior group flights to make your next group backcountry adventure the best one yet.
  3. Backcountry Episode #3: Watch the Recording
    Backcountry Flying East of the Mississippi

    When you say, “backcountry flying,” most pilots think about those challenging airstrips out west in the mountains or high desert, but there are a lot of backcountry airstrips east of the Mississippi. Join ASI Senior Vice President Richard McSpadden and AOPA Pilot Magazine Contributing Editor Ian Twombly, along with Alan White, Doug Turnbull and Chris Sullivan, state liaisons from the Recreational Aviation Foundation as they talk about the unique backcountry flying opportunities in their states.

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Air Safety Institute Weather Flying Safety for all Seasons Webinar Series

Weather Flying: Safety for all Seasons

A safety-conscious pilot respects the fact that the weather is always changing and takes careful and continuous steps to plan and act accordingly, and yet weather-related accidents continue to plague the GA safety record year after year. Whether you’re new to flying, knocking the rust off, or an active veteran of the skies, you will not want to miss this compelling series delivered by industry-leading weather experts as they give you the tools and techniques to not become a weather-related statistic.

  1. Weather Flying Episode #1: Watch the Recording
    ATC & You – Don’t Let That Cloud Fool You

    Join ASI’s John Collins for an engaging and informative webinar as he talks with Seattle Center Controller Erich Chouinard about the dangers of thunderstorms. Thunderstorms can happen year-round but tend to occur more often in the spring, summer and fall months. How can ATC help a pilot avoid them and what assistance can give if you inadvertently get into one? We’ll also look at some real-life examples of how ATC helped pilots in need.

  2. Weather Flying Episode #2: Watch the Recording
    VFR into IMC Avoidance
    The AOPA Air Safety Institute aims at drastically reducing the number of inadvertent visual flight accidents into instrument meteorological conditions, known as VFR Into IMC accidents. While very small in number annually, they are the deadliest weather-related accident cause. Join John Collins, ASI Manager of Aviation Safety as he shares a recent accident and lessons learned from it. He’ll also look at ways to avoid getting into an inadvertent entry into IMC and what options you have to get out of it alive.
Air Safety Institute NTSB Insider Accident Investigations Revealed Webinar Series

NTSB Insider: Accident Investigations Revealed

Go behind the scenes with National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) accident investigators as they walk through steps taken to uncover causes of general aviation accidents. What do they focus on first and how do they arrive at their determinations? The series will answer those questions while looking at specific accident cases to reveal the accident chain and what impactful lessons we can learn to avoid the same fate.

While this series is complete for 2022, check back next year for more in the NTSB Series.

  1. Accident investigation Episode #1: Watch the Recording
    GA Aircraft Accident Investigation at the NTSB

    An overview of the NTSB general aviation accident investigation process from the first call to the final report with NTSB Eastern Regional Chief and Acting Deputy Director for Regional Operations Dennis Diaz.

  2. Accident investigation Episode #2: Watch the Recording
    Finding the Golden BB
    Sometimes the exact cause of an accident is not readily apparent, and it takes some exhaustive investigative fact-finding to figure out what really happened. Join ASI’s John Collins and NTSB Regional Investigator Lynn Spencer as she pulls back the curtain on what the NTSB does in order to find what they call the “golden BB” in this compelling and engaging webinar. Here’s what to expect:
    • We’ll look at three accident investigations
    • Each one is not what it seems from the initial investigation analysis
    • We’ll draw lessons learned from each accident to help make you safer
  3. Accident investigation Episode #3: Watch the Recording
    Preventing Weather-Related Accidents
    As we transition from summer into fall, ASI’s John Collins and the NTSB's current Acting Deputy Director for Regional Operations Kristi Dunks, will discuss the accident investigation process and the critical importance of understanding weather conditions along the route of flight.
Air Safety Institute Flight Deck Tech: Strategies for Optimizing Modern Avionics Webinar Series

Flight Deck Tech: Strategies for Optimizing Modern Avionics

Tune in and learn engaging insights from general aviation technology experts as they share important strategies for implementing and optimizing modern flight deck equipment. You will also benefit from training and safety tips and gain access to sneak peeks at emerging technology to keep you flying safely.

  1. Flight Deck Tech Episode #1: Watch the Recording
    Foreflight: Advanced Flight-Planning

    Watch Phil Inman, a member of ForeFlight’s specialized Customer Success Team, and AOPA’s John Collins to go beyond the basics and learn about some of ForeFlight’s advanced flight planning and inflight EFB features that make your flying easier and more efficient.

  2. Flight Deck Tech Episode #2: Watch the Recording
  3. Flying With Datalink Weather: ADS-B and SiriusXM Tips

    Datalink weather has the potential to make your flying safer and more comfortable - but only if you know how to use it properly. Sporty's John Zimmerman joins ASI’s John Collins for an in-depth look at ADS-B, SiriusXM, and how to use them in flight. Topics include: weather accident trends, the 5 rules of datalink weather, differences between ADS-B and SiriusXM, popular weather receivers, and real world weather flying scenarios.

  4. Flight Deck Tech Episode #3: Watch the Recording
    What Went Wrong?

    Understanding the equipment you're flying behind is essential when you rely on it for safety. In this episode, ASI Manager of Aviation Safety Programs John Collins examines three accidents where unfamiliarity with onboard technology may have played a role, and what you can do to be better prepared with your flight deck tech to enjoy a safe flight.


AOPA Accident Forgiveness Eligible

*Earn eligibility for AOPA Accident Forgiveness after earning a certificate of completion for attending a live webinar on one of the series topics.

Mental Health Insights and Guidelines for GA Pilots, pilot with cloud and lightning showing over head 

Mental Health: Insights and Guidelines for GA Pilots

Watch the Recording
Join Richard McSpadden, ASI Senior Vice President, and Dr. Penny Giovanetti, Director of the FAA’s Medical Specialties Division in the Office of Aerospace Medicine, for a discussion on mental health treatment in general aviation. This candid conversation will focus on what pilots can do to ensure they get appropriate treatment for mental health concerns while on active flying status. It will also address how pilots can work with their physicians, AMEs and mental health providers to fully take advantage of FAA options and guidelines.

Cherokee airplane flying over blue waters of the Bahamas

Flying to the Bahamas: Getting There Safely in Your Airplane Webinar

Review a PDF of the Presentation (a recording is not available)

Have you ever considered flying to the Bahamas but were unsure where to start? What do you need to know to fly your general aviation (GA) airplane internationally over water? What kind of documentation do you and your plane need? How do customs and eAPIS fit in?

Join Richard McSpadden, AOPA Air Safety Institute's senior vice president, Valerie Talbot, YouTube's Skyline Baron Pilot, and Ahmad William of Tourism Board of the Bahamas, for a lively conversation to answer these questions and more.

You'll see why flying to the Bahamas is one of the safest and easiest international trips you can make as a GA pilot.

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