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Storm WeekStorm Week

Datalink: Cockpit Weather Do's and Don'ts (webinar)

Watch AOPA Foundation President Bruce Landsberg and datalink expert Dr. David Strahlediscuss important safety considerations when flying with cockpit weather.

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Safety Quiz: Thunderstorm Hazards

Convective seasons is upon us, which means thunderstorms are a potential hazard on every flight. Test your real world knowledge of thunderstorms and how to safely avoid them using our brand new safety quiz!

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Flying the Weather: T-storm Toolbox

On a stormy May afternoon, AOPA President Mark Baker and AOPA Foundation President flew a Cessna Caravan from St. Louis to Frederick, MD. In this video, they discuss how they used all the tools in their weather toolbox to steer clear of any dangerous convective activity.

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Join the conversation! Follow us during Storm Week and share your personal thunderstorm avoidance tips or scary encounters!

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Accident Case Study: Time Lapse

One of the great advances in general aviation in recent years has been the widespread availability of datalink weather. Like any technology, though, it can be used improperly. Come along as we examine a tragic accident that highlights an important and often-overlooked limitation of datalink radar.

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Weather Wise: Thunderstorms and ATC

Learn how ATC describes precipitation, what weather-radar services controllers can offer, and how to effectively communicate with ATC.

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IFR Insights: Cockpit Weather

With datalink, knowing the weather ahead has never been easierbut smart pilots still proceed with caution. In this course, we'll take a practical look at cockpit weather products and how they fit into your decision making process.

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Safety Quiz: Thunderstorm Avoidance

Thunderstorms are as dangerous as they are mesmerizing. Sharing the skies with these convective beasts demands no small amount of caution and respect. Take our "Thunderstorm Avoidance" quiz and learn some practical tips GA pilots can use to stay safe.

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Ask ATC: Storm Week

What can ATC do en route if there are thunderstorms?

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Ask ATC: Precipitation Intensity

What can ATC tell me about the intensity of precipitation?

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Ask ATC: Weather Deviating

How can I deviate for weather?

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Safety Advisor: Thunderstorms and ATC

ATC weather radar can be an invaluable resource for pilots seeking to avoid convective activity. In this Safety Advisor, we'll take a closer look at ATC weather radar services, as well as strategies for dealing with some of nature's most violent storms.

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Preempting a Thunderstorm's Fury: Cockpit Weather, ATC and You

Join AOPA Foundation President Bruce Landsberg, datalink expert Dr. David Strahle, and air traffic control experts to learn important facts about using cockpit weather, the weather radar services controllers can offer, and how to effectively communicate with ATC to minimize your risk of encountering a thunderstorm’s fearsome wrath. You can earn an ASI completion certificate and FAA WINGS credit at the end of this video.

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