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Online FIRC System RequirementsOnline FIRC System Requirements

  • Javascript should be enabled.
  • Latest version of Javascript (opens new window) should be downloaded.
  • Latest version of Adobe Flash (opens new window) should be downloaded.
  • Latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (opens new window) should be downloaded.
  • User's display resolution should be set higher than 1024 x 768, if it is set lower, parts of the course will not display correctly.
  • Pop-ups must be enabled.
  • A broadband Internet connection with low latency (a connection with a download speed greater than 2MB and upload speed greater than 1MB) is required. Check your Internet connection speed (opens new window).
  • Each learner is granted an 8 hour session from when they initially login.  After 8 hours has elapsed the connection to the course is terminated and any course progress that has not yet been saved is lost.  Please plan accordingly for this session timing.
  • Learners should use the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer. See below on browser related notes.
 Mobile Device Desktop   Comments
 Chrome  Chrome  Strongly recommend for taking eFIRC
 Safari  Safari (Mac only)  Strongly recommend using iPad 2 and higher
 Internet Explorer  Internet Explorer  Some minor issues in IE, please visit FAQs page
 Android  Firefox  Some minor issues in Firefox, please visit FAQs page

 **For Internet Explorer 9, we recommend enabling ‘web page compatibility mode’ in the settings. For Internet Explorer 7 we recommend the installation of this Microsoft patch (opens new window).

**iOS 8 Users: If you experience issues with the eFIRC using iOS8, please call us at 1-800-872-2672, or email [email protected].