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Capital mattersCapital matters

Disciplining yourself to stretch your cash reserves will help your business stay afloat during the lean times. While some steps aren’t for the faint of heart, remember that they are intended to make your business flourish. Some are much easier, however. Sometimes it helps to think of your business like you would a household budget.

Simplify. Look for free services. Say goodbye to cable and satellite TV, and even the paperboy. By amping up your Internet speed through a cable provider you will not only be able to watch most major networks, including CNN and The Weather Channel, but read the local newspaper online as well. If you absolutely need a TV on throughout the day, put up an antenna and keep it tuned to a local channel—the new digital stations make it easier than ever. Eliminate the cost of long-distance telephone services by utilizing your local telephone or cable provider’s flat-rate plan or bundled internet/phone services—most include unlimited local and long-distance calling for voice and fax. Better yet, think about a voice over IP phone service such as Vonage. They are remarkably reliable and inexpensive.

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