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Get your school on the same page with ebooksGet your school on the same page with ebooks

Do you ever wonder how you can profit over and over again from doing something just one time? We’ve discussed before the benefits of holding seminars and workshops that could last anywhere from a couple of hours to an entire weekend, depending on the components. But an in-person seminar isn’t always convenient, and it requires a fair amount of overhead.

As an alternative, consider converting content to an electronic format for home-study use. Electronic books and audio recordings (Podcasts) that share valuable tips, information, and knowledge can be highly effective teaching tools. We all know that students hit particular topics and challenges that stump them, whether it’s a particular maneuver or calculating weight and balance. There’s probably not a single student who doesn’t wish their CFI were there to go over it again just one more time.

Distribution of your DIY training aid can be cheap and effective. Add an ebook section that will not only keep bringing people back for more, but hopefully generate some cash. Unlike blogs and forums, which are basically exchanges of information, ebooks and Podcasts have the potential of bringing in a steady flow of additional income to your school.
Start by formulating a game plan:

  • Make an outline –List what topics are uniquely troubling for your students and the most effective way to teach it.  
  • Know your platform – You don’t need to buy software to write or distribute your ebook, just use Microsoft Word or other word-processing software. Since your topics can range in length and detail, remember that people like to get their information quickly, so breaking your subjects down into shortened topics will ensure your book isn’t too long. For example, instead of writing a long ebook on maneuvers, try writing many ‘mini’ ebooks on the different types.
  • Turn to your cohorts – Ask your fellow CFIs and pilots to proofread your ebook. Ask for honest input and suggestions that will improve the final product.
  • Add photos – Make sure you use your own whenever possible to avoid copyright violations. For example, when showing the proper way to check for impurities in fuel, show color photos of the steps, including what one would look like with impurities. Just like in magazines, photos make reading more interesting, and some visual learners need them for a positive transfer.
  • Convert your document to a PDF file – If you don’t own software that will convert your document to a PDF, such as Adobe or Paperport, then you can find several free services on the Internet to do this, such as PDFonline. Not only does converting the document to a PDF make it more difficult for others to copy your work, but they can be easily sent via email, and read on a Kindle, iPad, or other electronic device.

The possible ebook topics are endless. Creating these not only draws traffic to your website, it makes your business look more professional, and increases standardization among the instructors.

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