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<em>Flight School Business</em>

Vol. 6-Issue 17- 08/23/2016




Nall Report notes progress in aviation safety

The rate of fatal accidents in noncommercial, fixed-wing aircraft dropped below one fatal accident for every 100,000 flight hours, according to the latest edition of the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s Joseph T. Nall Report. This marks the lowest noncommercial fixed-wing accident rate recorded in the 25-year history of the report. The overall accident rate (5.73 accidents per 100,000 flight hours in 2014) did not change significantly. This latest edition examines accident data through 2013. There were 1,185 GA accidents in 2014, involving 1,194 individual aircraft. Read more >>

International flight plan form now coming in January

The FAA has delayed the Oct. 1 implementation of the international flight plan form for all civil domestic flights. Flight service vendors are working to implement the change to their systems, set for late January 2017. Moving the start date gives vendors more time to develop and test software, and allows AOPA to work cooperatively with the FAA to simplify guidance that will be available to help pilots adjust to changes in filing flight plans. Read more >>

AOPA supports Part 61 changes

AOPA has submitted comments and recommendations for enhancing the FAA’s proposed changes to pilot certification and training. AOPA broadly supports the changes addressed in the notice of proposed rulemaking issued in May, but the association offered some specific recommendations to expand, clarify, and enhance those proposed changes. For example, AOPA urged the FAA to ensure pilots be permitted to combine the use of flight-simulation systems and appropriate aircraft to satisfy instrument currency requirements. Read more >>

American Airlines to shutter Phoenix training center

American Airlines plans to close its pilot training facility in Phoenix by the end of 2017. Flight-training operations will be moved to sites in Charlotte, N.C., and Fort Worth, Texas. The move will affect 30 flight instructors and simulator engineers, who will be offered positions at the other centers, according to CDA News. A company spokesman said the airline wants to provide a more consistent training experience. American merged with US Airways in 2013.

Six solo campers lift off from Liberty

Liberty University’s inaugural New Horizons Solo Camp for high school students produced six fledgling pilots over a two-week period recently. Liberty aviation students taught the student pilots at the university’s newly acquired airstrip, which allowed Liberty to conduct more flight operations outside Class D airspace, as well as a place to expand its unmanned aircraft systems program. Read more >>

Look Out! Avoiding Terrain & Obstructions

Flight instruction requires attention to detail, both by students and their instructors. It also introduces distractions that could lead to an accident involving terrain or obstructions. This AOPA Air Safety Institute video aims to raise awareness of the risks and help pilots recognize potentially dangerous situations before it's too late. View the video >>

Training Trends

Flight school spotlight: Texas Aviation Academy

In our new occasional series, author Jim Pitman discusses an innovative approach to flight instruction that is helping a Texas flight school flourish. The team-teaching concept is just that—every customer flies with a variety of instructors rather than just one. A strict adherence to standardized procedures and a strong reliance on open communication are part of what make this program work. Read more >>


Introductory flight prices

How much does your flight school charge for an introductory flight? Take the poll >>


In the August 9 issue, we asked your thoughts on the impact of third class medical reform on your flight school. Here are the results:

<em>Flight School Business</em>


Getting to ‘yes’

An aviation marketing professional believes pilots and engineers are the very worst at selling the dream of flying. Yet flight schools generally rely on flight instructors to close the deal on prospective customers. You can help your flight instructors get better at converting interested people into paying customers. Read more >>

Quick tip

It’s one of those “sounds-so-simple” suggestions that we often don’t remember to do: Keep your breath fresh all day for customers, business associates, and your own staff. When flying or in close proximity with another person, you don’t want to inflict evidence of your lunch on anybody. If you can’t brush at the office, rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash, or chew mints or gum.


It’s great news for you, too

The twenty-fifth edition of the Air Safety Institute’s Joseph T. Nall Report has been released, and the results are encouraging. Accident rates were down again, and there’s evidence that much of the improvement affected so-called “pilot-related” accidents, or those caused by things pilots either did when they should not have, or failed to do when they should. Read more >>

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