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  Flight School Business
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<em>Flight School Business</em>

Vol. 6-Issue 15- 07/26/2016




Medical reform becomes law

President Obama on July 15 signed third class medical reforms into law as part of an FAA authorization extension passed by the House and Senate days earlier. The FAA now has one year to develop and enact rules that align with the reforms. Pilots will not be allowed to fly under the reforms until the FAA has completed rulemaking or the one-year time limit has elapsed, whichever comes first. AOPA has put together a set of frequently asked questions to help you and your flight instructors. Read more >>

At AirVenture? Stop by the Flight School Business Social

If you’re at EAA AirVenture tomorrow, July 27, plan to join us at 5:30 p.m. at the Flight School Business Social, at the AOPA Pavilion across from the Brown Arch. We’ll provide refreshments and shade, and you’ll get an opportunity to network with your colleagues in the flight training industry, and learn how to get your flight school or CFIs recognized in the 2016 Flight Training Excellence Awards. Register at the website >>

AOPA seeks You Can Fly Ambassador in New York

AOPA seeks a passionate aviation professional for the position of You Can Fly Ambassador in New York. The ambassador will be responsible for promoting and growing AOPA’s pilot community development initiatives (Flying Clubs, Flight Training, and Rusty Pilots). The candidate ideally would be based in the New York state area with equidistant access to Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Northern Pennsylvania. Learn more about current openings or submit an application at the website >>

Free flash cards for your CFIs, student pilots

Offer your flight instructors and student pilots an easy review of runway signs, markings, and lighting with the recently updated Runway Safety Flash Cards from the AOPA Air Safety Institute. The high-resolution illustration cards are optimized for personal computers and tablets. Those depicting pulsing lights embed animation to replicate what you’d see at the airport. View or download the flash cards here >>

San Juan College pursues helicopter degree

San Juan College, Farmington, New Mexico, is pursuing a new degree program for helicopter flight training that would partner with a flight school. The college is working to develop the two-year curriculum, and could issue a request for proposals for flight training providers in August or September with a goal to be in place by spring 2017, according to the Farmington Daily Times. San Juan College offered a fixed-wing program in conjunction with Mesa Airlines from 1989 to 2010.

Engine Out! From Trouble to Touchdown

Are your flight instructors prepared to respond to an engine failure? This free AOPA Air Safety Institute video reviews how to tackle an engine-out dilemma in a single-engine airplane—whether under relatively benign or tricky circumstances. Learn what matters. Watch the video >>

Training Trends

T-shirts and storm troopers

The deadline for the 2016 Flight Training Poll is August 22. If your customers haven’t responded to the poll, take a look at these innovative ideas from flight schools to boost those participation rates and get that valuable customer feedback. Some involve spending some cash and some are completely free. Read more >>


CFI longevity

With so much turnover in the industry attributable to the pilot shortage, we’d like to know how long flight instructors work at your flight school before they move on. Take the poll >>


In the July 12 issue, we asked you to list what type of specialized training your flight school offers. Here are the results:

<em>Flight School Business</em>


National Aviation Day is August 19

A day that celebrates aviation is a perfect way to promote your flight school. Ed Helmick lays out how you can plan events that will bring people out to the airport, spark some interest in introductory flights, and increase awareness of aviation. Read more >>

Quick tip

Top 10 lists aren’t just for late-night television. SunState Aviation in Kissimmee, Florida, recently spelled out 10 reasons why prospective pilots should choose the flight school, including location, an impeccable safety record, an “awesome training fleet,” an in-house maintenance department, and great weather. This is a great way to inform customers—via email, social media, or on your website—what makes you stand out and makes you the best choice for their flight training dollars.


Unaccountable lapses, part two

In the July 12 issue of Flight School Business, we discussed flight instructors’ responsibility to make sure so-called “off days” don’t compromise students’ chances to learn, much less their physical safety. A 2014 night flight illustrates why it is so important to guard against this single point of failure. Read more >>

Editor: Jill W. Tallman

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