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March 8, 2016, issue of ‘Flight School Business’ newsletterMarch 8, 2016, issue of ‘Flight School Business’ newsletter

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<em>Flight School Business</em>

Vol. 6-Issue 5- 03/08/2016



FAA explains student certificate changes

The FAA on Feb. 28 published Advisory Circular AC 61-65F, which explains how the process of applying for and issuing student pilot certificates will change when new procedures take effect on April 1. After that date, student pilots won’t be able to obtain a student pilot certificate from an aviation medical examiner. Read more >>

Changes to pilot testing, certification set for June

A new approach to pilot certification and testing is coming together with help from AOPA and industry experts, putting the FAA on track to meet a June 2016 goal of transitioning to the updated system for those seeking an airplane private pilot certificate or instrument rating. AOPA chairs an advisory committee that is in the final stage of a multi-year, industry-led effort to make the certification and testing process more relevant and meaningful to pilots. Read more >>

Want to succeed in the next Flight Training Excellence Awards?

Customer service is crucial in the flight training industry. So is knowing where you stand with your clients. Join our next free webinar to learn the background behind the AOPA Flight Training Excellence Awards, find out what students are saying about our industry, and get tips on how you can succeed in the 2016 Flight Training Excellence Awards. The webinar takes place at 8 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, March 30. Sign up here >>

AOPA seeks manager for flying clubs initiative

AOPA has an open employment position for the manager of its flying clubs initiative. This person will be responsible for providing strategic direction and program executive in all areas related to the association’s effort to grow existing clubs and establish new clubs. For more information or to apply, see the website.

FlyThisSim goes global

FlyThisSim flight simulator users are able to go global after the company’s TouchTrainer device integrated worldwide navigational data into its system Feb. 10. “TouchTrainer customers can now switch their simulators to fly approaches into airfields in any country,” said FlyThisSim co-CEO Carl Suttle. The company’s TouchTrainers are FAA-approved and FlyThisSim is working to gain additional local approvals from aviation authorities in Europe, Canada, and Australia. FlyThisSim markets fixed-wing and rotary flight simulators to flight schools, colleges, and individual pilots.

Cessna ends dealer network in lower 48

Northland Aviation Services in Fairbanks, Alaska, is the only remaining Cessna piston aircraft dealer in the United States. At least five former dealers have been offered contracts (including nondisclosure agreements) for piston-engine referrals, and most plan to sign. Dealerships for piston engine aircraft continue overseas. “Textron Aviation continues to assess its operational footprint requirements to ensure the needs of our customers are met,” the company said. U.S. customers can purchase directly from the factory.

March 22 Flight School Business issue delay

Because of scheduled updates to AOPA’s Web properties the week of March 21, the March 22 edition of the Flight School Business newsletter may arrive in subscribers’ inboxes later in the week. Flight School Business wants to ensure links in the newsletter work correctly for readers. Future editions of the newsletter should not be affected by the change.

Training Trends

Working with the new student pilot rules

The new student pilot certification rules take effect April 1. How do you make them work for your flight school? For starters, convince customers to apply for that certificate on the day they take an introductory flight. Read more >>


Who will issue certificates?

Beginning April 1, aviation medical examiners won’t issue student pilot certificates. Who will issue them for your flight school? Take our poll >>


In the last issue, we wanted to know if you offered a Valentine’s Day promotion in 2016. Here are the results:

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Customer feedback, one smiley face at a time

What if you could get almost instantaneous feedback from your customers on how well your flight school is performing? A California flight school has found a tool that does exactly that. Read more >>

Quick tip

Can you cross-promote your flight school? Instead of waiting for customers to come to you, be an exhibitor at an RV or boat show; place point-of-sale rack cards at a skydiving operation. You’re good at talking to pilots—now get out there and talk to everyone else.


Have you seen me lately?

How long has it been since you checked out the free training resources from the AOPA Air Safety Institute? Here’s a look at the latest offerings, including a new video series on stall recognition, avoidance, and recovery. Read more >>


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