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  Flight School Business
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<em>Flight School Business</em>

Vol. 6-Issue 18- 09/06/2016




Yingling launches dealer network for remanufactured Cessna 172s

Yingling Aviation, Wichita, Kansas, announced that it has launched a dealer network to sell its remanufactured Cessna 172s. Air Orlando Aircraft Sales Inc., Orlando, Florida, and Suburban Aviation Inc., Toledo, Ohio, will sell the aircraft, known as Ascend 172s, and provide customer support. “One of the things we have learned during the past year…is that potential customers, especially flight schools and flying clubs, are looking for quick, responsive, and local service providers and maintenance expertise that will keep their re-manufactured airplanes performing at peak efficiency,” said Lynn Nichols, Yingling chairman and chief executive officer. “They want easy access to, and a familiarity with the people who sold them the airplanes. The answer for that is, of course to create a network of experienced and motivated professionals who share our same knowledge, training, and standards, so we made that a priority, too.” AOPA’s 2017 sweepstakes airplane is an Ascend 172.

Delta offers air transport pilot training options

Delta Air Lines has rolled out a new airline transport pilot certification training program (ATP CTP). Delta says it is the first flight training entity at a major airline in the United States to offer an ATP CTP. The six-day classroom and simulator course is $4,995 and includes multiengine ATP test preparation and proctoring. It is not a class to become a new-hire pilot at Delta, the program’s training director said. Read more >>

Leaseback owners sue Florida flight school

Airplane owners are suing Trax Air, Orlando, Florida, claiming that the flight school based at Orlando Executive Airport (ORL) failed to pay them for using their aircraft and did not maintain the airplanes in a safe manner. The Orlando Sentinel reported that Bryan Brewer, who took over a struggling flight academy and 2012 and grew it into Trax Air, now has eight pending lawsuits against him and the flight school. Ken Crane, chief operating officer of Trax Air, called the situation “normal business disputes” and said he believes they will be resolved amicably in the very near future.

Student pilot performs flyover at high school football game

A student pilot, accompanied by his flight instructor and an educator, performed a flyover to kick off a high school football game in Troy, Alabama. Dalton Earles, a senior at Pike County High School, is enrolled in Pike County Schools First in Flight and Leadership Academy. The three-year program helps students earn credits toward an associate degree while completing their high school diploma requirements. Through a partnership with Trojan Aviation and Mauna Loa Helicopters, students also receive ground school training and accumulate flight hours toward a private pilot certificate—all at no charge, according to the Troy Messenger.

Training Trends

How to start a flight school: Plowing through turbulence

Whether you want to do a little independent flight instructing or launch your own full-fledged flight school, you might encounter some turbulence on the way. William Woodbury tells you how to work with airport management, market your new business inexpensively, and keep on good terms with the FAA and the IRS. Read more >>


Airport improvements

Which new amenity at your airport would be best for your business? Take the poll >>


In the August 23 issue, we wanted to know how much you charge for an introductory flight. Here are the results:

<em>Flight School Business</em>


By the numbers

When it comes to selling the dream of flight, the last thing you’d think a potential customer would want to see is a lot of figures. Learning to fly is all about the fun, the satisfaction, and the pure joy of parting ways with the Earth, right? Yet there’s a place for cold hard statistics in your sales pitch. Read more >>

Quick tip

Shakespeare asked, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” True, but when it comes to your business, your company name needs to be different from the names of existing businesses that offer the same or similar products. How do you find out? Check state and federal name registries. See more tips for small businesses from Alister & Paine.


Back to earth

Student pilots appear to be doing a better job of landing—both with and without their instructors’ help, according to an analysis of accident data from the most recent Joseph T. Nall Report from the AOPA Air Safety Institute. In fact, instructional flying—one of the safest realms of general aviation—saw an improved safety record in 2013 and 2014. David Jack Kenny takes a closer look at the numbers. Read more >>

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