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<em>Flight School Business</em>

Vol. 6-Issue 19- 09/20/2016




FAA issues safety alert on slow-flight requirements

The FAA published a safety alert on maneuvering during slow flight, reminding the flight training community that the certification standard for performing and demonstrating slow flight has changed. The safety alert spells out how to set up slow-flight maneuvers for training and testing. Read more >>

Dowling College closes

Dowling College, a private liberal arts college in Long Island, New York, with a well-known aviation program, closed its doors in August after granting its final degrees. Dowling lost its accreditation as of Aug. 31. The college had reportedly been struggling for years, and enrollment had been plummeting, according to USA Today. In 2010 Dowling announced it was halting its flight operations major and canceling flight training, only to reverse the decision a few days later.

9/11 remembered: Behind the scenes of the FAA and AOPA

“A bunch of us heard about it when the first plane hit. Everybody at first thought it was a small airplane and there was a lot of confusion,” says AOPA Vice President of Government Affairs Melissa Rudinger, who essentially lived at FAA headquarters for weeks following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. As the nation reflects on the fifteenth anniversary of the attacks, Rudinger recalls the days and weeks that followed when AOPA members were calling to ask for help. Read more >>

Icon to open parts facility in Mexico

Icon Aircraft will open a composite parts facility in Tijuana, Mexico, to support final assembly of its two-seat A5 amphibious airplanes in Vacaville, California. The company plans to start aircraft parts fabrication in November at a 300,000-square-foot facility in Tijuana. Icon founder and CEO Kirk Hawkins said the company made the move to reduce costs and increase control over the manufacturing process. Read more >>

Upset recovery company to conduct Army training

Aviation Performance Solutions will provide onsite trainers to teach U.S. Army instructors how to prevent loss-of-control accidents under a seven-year contract. The training will take place at the U.S. Army Fixed-Wing Flight Training program in Dothan, Alabama. APS will certify instructors for training in Grob G120TP turboprop single-engine aircraft and C-12 King Air full-flight simulators.

King Schools offers instrument checkride course

King Schools’ new Instrument Practical Test (Oral Exam & Flight Test) is now available and is the company’s second course adapted to the airman certification standards. The course covers every task outlined in the ACS and includes nearly seven hours of video demonstrating a complete checkride. The $139 course can be accessed by the King Companion App for iPad and iPhone, or in a disc version for Windows. Discounts are available for CFIs. For more information or to order, see the website.

Training Trends

The other fleet

Is instructing in customer-owned aircraft profitable? It can be, if you know how to leverage those opportunities in ways that will benefit your flight instructors, your customers, and you. Dan Namowitz provides suggestions on how to do that. Read more >>


September 11, 2001

September 11, 2016, marked the fifteenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. Was your flight school in business at the time? Take the poll >>


In the September 6 issue, we asked you to name the airport improvement that you thought would most help your business. Here are the results:

<em>Flight School Business</em>


Get ready for winter

Warm weather is here, but it won’t last. What can you do now to bring in business during the notoriously slow weeks of winter and early spring? Flight training professionals offer their best suggestions. Read more >>

Quick tip

You work hard to make sure your customers are getting high-quality training. But don’t forget to train yourself. The U.S. Small Business Administration offers a selection of online courses on a variety of business topics ranging from understanding your customer, sales, and customer service to creating a competitive advantage, cybersecurity, and crime prevention. See more on the website.


Good news for helicopters, too

The recently released Joseph T. Nall Report showed a reduction in the overall rate of non-commercial fixed-wing accidents, and helicopter training also saw significant improvements. What’s getting better? Evidence suggests the aircraft themselves. Takeoffs and landings improved as well. Read more >>

Editor: Jill W. Tallman

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