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VOL. 7-ISSUE 17-8/22/2017
Hiring CFIs
Are you struggling to hire flight instructors? Are your current flight instructors eying the door? CFI recruitment must be a critical function of flight school management. William Woodbury shows you how to approach recruitment and explore creative ideas to find CFIs in your own backyard. READ MORE ›
FAA issues AD for Lycoming engine bushings
The FAA issued a direct to final airworthiness directive requiring inspection of some Lycoming engines to identify and replace connecting rods with nonconforming small end bushings that could fail. The AD took effect Aug. 15. A mandatory service bulletin published by Lycoming includes a table listing affected engines. READ MORE ›
Missouri aviation program at capacity
A new aviation program offered by Ozarks Technical Community College in Springfield, Missouri, is fully enrolled as the program gets underway this month. Students will take ground school and general education classes at OTC, and flight instruction with Premier Flight Center at Springfield Branson National Airport. Students will graduate with a two-year degree and a commercial pilot certificate. READ MORE ›
FAA says online TFR map errors fixed
The FAA has resolved an issue that was causing its online temporary flight restriction map to display erroneous information about the location and status of TFRs. AOPA had urged pilots not to use the page during flight planning. READ MORE ›
Arkansas flight school reaches milestone
Central Flying Service, Little Rock, Arkansas, will celebrate 78 years of service and 475,000 flight training hours in August. Based at Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport Adams Field Airport, Central says it is the largest and oldest GA business in the region. Owner Dick Holbert’s father, Claud, established the program to teach people how to fly as part of the federal Civilian Pilot Training Program, according to
How much for an introductory flight
How much does your flight school charge for an introductory flight? Tell us in this week’s poll.
In the Aug. 8, 2017, issue, we asked whether your flight school planned to participate in any eclipse-related events on Aug. 21. Here are the results:

<em>Flight School Business</em>
Adventure time
Pilots know flying is adventurous, but how well do we communicate that to the general public? Greg Brown describes an adventure flying syllabus that adds fun to the training to keep clients motivated and enthused—and could bring you additional revenue. READ MORE ›
Looking for a sign? Maybe your customers are. Don’t assume "everyone knows where we are," or that customers will wander around the airport—which may have restricted areas—in hopes of finding you. A single well-designed, well-placed sign can direct them to your door.
Closed and latched?
Most light airplanes fly perfectly well with a door open. Yet this message seems to get lost after training, leading to accidents in which the pilot tries to shut the door in flight rather than secure the door after landing. READ MORE ›
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