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Flight School Business
VOL. 7-ISSUE 25-12/12/2017
Should you be offering drone training?
The drone industry is rapidly growing, and qualified drone pilots and maintenance technicians are in high demand. Should your flight school offer this type of training? A flight school in Cincinnati is seeing great success with its drone training programs. READ MORE ›
Aviation groups oppose cap on veterans’ flight training
A bill to improve educational assistance to veterans mandates a payment cap that could leave veterans without enough funds to complete training, a coalition of aviation organizations said. AOPA President Mark Baker and leaders of seven other aviation organizations called on the leadership of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs to “remove the discriminatory cap on flight training” from H.R. 4149 and to “keep the promises that will allow veterans their choice of career.” READ MORE ›
FSANA surveys members on expected wait times for checkrides
Ten to 14 days is a reasonable wait time to schedule a practical test for private, instrument, or commercial pilot in a single or multiengine aircraft, according to a recent survey by the Flight School Association of North America (FSANA) of its member flight schools. Two to three weeks is a reasonable length of time to schedule an examiner for an initial certificated flight instructor practical test, most respondents said. FSANA said it conducted the survey following reports that some areas of the country are experiencing very long waits for practical tests, so as to get a better understanding of what the industry considers a “reasonable” period to wait.
FAA issues guidance on FBO pricing
The FAA issued guidance Dec. 7 for pilots, FBOs, and airport sponsors. The guidance lays out a series of questions and answers addressing how federally funded airports should facilitate competition and transparency, as well as promote reasonable access and pricing. READ MORE ›
UND pilots bound for border patrol
Fifteen University of North Dakota sophomores and juniors will be placed in a pathway program as aviation enforcement trainees and taught how to “detect, sort, track, intercept, and apprehend criminals,” the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol said Nov. 29. The agency’s Air and Marine Operations division has teamed up with the university to recruit pilots for its fleet of 200 aircraft. READ MORE ›
App could deliver IFR clearances to mobile devices
AOPA is encouraging the FAA to promptly field test technology that would electronically transmit pre-departure air traffic control clearances to pilots’ mobile devices. The prototype app could reduce pilot and controller workloads, save time, and lower the likelihood of clearance-readback errors, according to its developer. READ MORE ›
PilotWorkshops debuts ‘VFR Communications’ manual
VFR Communications, the latest in a series of manuals and accompanying videos from PilotWorkshops, offers simulated exchanges between air traffic controllers and pilots in emergency scenarios. The manual also includes many other types of radio interactions and is intended to explain, in a task-oriented format, what to say, when, and where. READ MORE ›
How big is your fleet?
Has your fleet grown or shrunk in the last year? Tell us in this week’s poll.
In the Nov. 28, 2017, issue, we wanted to know whether your flight school is affiliated with a fixed-base operator, or is a standalone. Here are the results:

<em>Flight School Business</em>
Women are not sales bait
Aviation needs pilots and customers and income, but not at the expense of anyone’s dignity. READ MORE ›                                  
If you are hosting a holiday party for employees, the National Federation of Independent Business recommends you institute practices that discourage drunken driving and harassment. These include distributing drink tickets to limit the number of free drinks; paying for cabs to take impaired employees or guests home; reminding employees about company anti-harassment policies before the party; and making sure all employees understand that a holiday party is a work-related activity, and rules for appropriate work behavior still apply.
Need to know
Your customer has 45 hours, but he isn’t signed off to take a checkride—because he isn’t ready. But he may think he’s being strung along to wring more money out of him. The goals of learning what’s needed to pass the checkride and those of teaching what a student needs to know to fly safely don’t always align. How can you show your customer that short-changing training time is a false economy? READ MORE ›
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