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VOL. 7-ISSUE 2-1/24/2017
Here comes third class medical reform
The new BasicMed program takes effect May 1. This means most pilots who have held a valid medical certificate any time in the decade prior to July 15, 2016, may not need to take another medical exam, but can continue to fly so long as they meet some additional requirements. What does BasicMed mean for you and your flight school? We break down BasicMed as it applies to your customers and CFIs. READ MORE ›
FAA releases third class medical reform final rule
The FAA released a final rule on third class medical reform. Pilots can fly under the new program, which the agency has named BasicMed, beginning May 1. The final rule closely mirrors the legislation signed into law on July 15, 2016. READ MORE ›
Piper to ship 50 Archers to China
Piper Aircraft has received an order for 50 single-engine Archers that will be shipped to China. China Air Shuttle, Piper’s Beijing-based dealer, will distribute the airplanes to several major flight schools and general aviation companies. READ MORE ›
FSANA to host annual meeting in Houston
The Flight School Association of North America will host its annual international flight school operators conference Feb. 14 through 17 in Houston, Texas. The event will address critical issues facing flight schools in a series of topical sessions and workshops. FSANA’s annual meeting is a networking opportunity for flight school owners, managers, chief flight instructors, assistant chief flight instructors, and others involved in the successful operation of a flight school. A limited student/youth pass is available for students enrolled in college aviation degree programs or post-secondary aviation specialty programs. For more information or to register, see the website ›
Tips for breaking out of a training plateau
Training plateaus are almost unavoidable. They can be frustrating for your clients, because they’re spending more money to get over the plateau, as well as for your flight instructors, who might not know how to help. Brenda Tibbs, winner of the AOPA 2016 Flight Training Excellence Awards Best Flight Instructor award and owner of Bravo Flight Training, offers her best tips for helping students get out of a rut. READ MORE ›
AOPA looking into high prices at FBOs
An AOPA review has found indications that some fixed-base operators may be charging excessive fees for fuel and other services. The problem appears to be with a few FBOs and not the industry as a whole, AOPA President Mark Baker said. The association has asked the FAA to review the charges and fees imposed at some public-use airports to ensure they are reasonable as required by federal law. READ MORE ›
Hobbs requirement for overnights
This week, we’d like to know if you have a minimum Hobbs requirement for an overnight rental. Take this week’s survey.
In the Jan. 10, 2017, issue, we wanted to know whether you include fuel in the cost of aircraft rental. Here are the results:

<em>Flight School Business</em>
Rusty no more
With BasicMed taking effect May 1, there may never be a better time for you to host a Rusty Pilots seminar at your flight school and bring lapsed pilots back to the airport. AOPA gives you all the tools—including an instructor who will deliver an engaging, informative presentation. READ MORE ›
Want to avoid feeling overwhelmed by taxes? Thinking about tax planning all year long, rather than as a once-a-year event. This expands your money-saving options and makes your tax preparation easier. See more tax tips for small businesses from Business News Daily.
When not to stall
You might think your instructors are there to protect your students and your aircraft. In that light, some of the results of the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s analysis of accidents involving stalls could seem a bit discouraging. READ MORE ›
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