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VOL. 7-ISSUE 13-6/27/2017
Flying companions
There’s nothing sadder than pilots who confide that their spouses won’t fly with them. When you hold a Pinch Hitter class at your flight school, you’ll help these nonflying companions learn more about aviation, and you might even snare some business. READ MORE ›
Historic week brings barrage of GA legislation
Two competing reauthorization bills introduced June 21 and 22 paint very different possible futures for aviation in the United States. One promises to protect general aviation. The other leads the nation down a pathway that has been disastrous for GA in other countries. READ MORE ›
New BendixKing repair policy delayed 60 days
BendixKing has delayed by 60 days the rollout of a factory-only legacy radio unit repair and exchange policy. The new procedures originally were scheduled to take effect July 1. READ MORE ›
FAA explains revisions to slow flight, stall tasks
The FAA has issued a safety alert for operators to explain the most recent changes to airman certification standards for the performance of slow flight and stall tasks in airplanes by private and commercial applicants. The agency modified the phrasing of the slow flight skill element to require that an applicant establish and maintain an airspeed at which any further increase in angle of attack would result in a stall warning. READ MORE ›
Wyoming FBO manager admits protectionism
The general manager of the sole fixed-base operation at Wyoming’s Jackson Hole Airport told a local newspaper that he opposes a second FBO because “we’d like to protect our business.” Matt Wright said adding a second FBO would create serious safety issues, an increase in aircraft movement, and corresponding noise. AOPA has been responding to complaints about unreasonable charges at Jackson Hole Airport. READ MORE ›
Lufthansa training center selects Cirrus SR20
Lufthansa Aviation Training has chosen Cirrus Aircraft’s SR20 single-engine aircraft to lead its Goodyear, Arizona, airline pilot flight training program. The German airline had previously used Beechcraft Bonanza models for practical flight training at the Arizona location before pilots transitioned overseas to the Bremen, Germany, pilot school for advanced air work. READ MORE ›
Pinch Hitter courses
Does your flight school offer seminars for nonflying companions? Tell us in this week’s poll.
In the June 13, 2017, issue, we asked whether you are having a tough time hiring CFIs. Here are the results:

<em>Flight School Business</em>
Let your flight school tours tell a story
When customers come to your flight school, are they dazzled by a gleaming lobby and a shiny array of airplanes? Or do you make personal connections that stress the benefits of flight training? William Woodbury outlines two different types of tours. Which one would appeal to you? READ MORE ›
Do you sell headsets? Rather than keeping them in a no-touch display in a glass case, you could emulate headset manufacturers at airshows by placing a pair where prospective buyers can try them on for size and comfort. Or, allow students to demo a pair during a flight lesson—a security deposit could be held while the headset is out of the office, which could then be applied toward the price of a new headset if the student decides to go ahead with the purchase.
The cost of non-accidents
Gear-up landings almost never cause serious injuries. But that doesn’t mean they’re innocuous. Repair costs start with a new propeller. Then there’s the required engine teardown that may turn into an overhaul or replacement. Instilling focus and checklist discipline from the beginning of training will help prevent gear-up landings. READ MORE ›
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