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VOL. 7-ISSUE 5-3/07/2017
Flight School Spotlight: Cirrus Aviation
The value of hosting an annual pilot/controller forum
Are you looking for an effective way to connect with other aviation leaders in your community? Would you like to improve communication with your local air traffic controllers? Cirrus Aviation in Sarasota, Florida, hosts an annual forum where pilots and air traffic controllers can share information. But there’s much more: a safety briefing, updates on airport operations, and opportunities for local businesses to show off their products. Cirrus Aviation co-owner Nayda Cattin says the event yields networking benefits, and it fosters open communication between pilots and controllers, which improves safety. READ MORE ›
FAA updates airman testing website
The FAA has updated its airman testing website so that all questions on the private pilot and instrument knowledge tests are aligned with the Airman Certification Standards (ACS). The same alignment of knowledge test questions and certification standards will be in place for the commercial pilot knowledge test by the June 15 implementation date of that ACS. READ MORE ›
AOPA offers solution to Lantana Airport security shutdowns
AOPA has requested that the Department of Homeland Security establish security screening capabilities and gateway operations at Palm Beach County Park Airport. The measures are intended to ease the economic impact of shutting down the airport each time President Trump visits his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida. READ MORE ›
AOPA 2017 scholarships open
Your customers can never get enough information about scholarships. AOPA’s two scholarship programs are accepting applications. One is aimed at high school students ages 15 through 18, and the other is available to any student pilot 16 year of age or older. Applications for both programs are due May 31. READ MORE ›
FAA clarifies practical test navigation equipment
The FAA on Feb. 13 said a change in wording in the Private Pilot Airman Certification Standards was not intended to exclude the use of navigation systems that can be carried on board. An Information for Operators publication explains that navigation equipment installed in an airplane has not become a practical test requirement. READ MORE ›
Sporty’s Academy ‘reinvents’ the intro flight
Sporty’s Academy, Batavia, Ohio, is rolling out a new type of introductory flight experience that bundles three simulator lessons, an online course, and an hour of dual instruction in an airplane for a fixed price. READ MORE ›
The Feb. 21, 2017, edition incorrectly stated that Purdue Aviation is in Lafayette, Ohio. It is in West Lafayette, Indiana. Flight School Business regrets the error.
New name for Flight Training Poll
We’re considering renaming the Flight Training Poll, and we’d like your input on what the new name should be. Take this week’s survey.
In the Feb. 21, 2017, issue, we wanted to know whether your business has ever been affected by a temporary flight restriction. Here are the results:

<em>Flight School Business</em>
Birthdays and bucket lists
Birthdays and bucket lists can help flight schools can get free advertising in the local media. Jill W. Tallman highlights three examples involving senior citizens taking to the skies to celebrate a milestone birthday or because it’s something they always wanted to do. READ MORE ›
Scammers will go after small businesses as well as unsuspecting senior citizens. The usual tactics are fake invoices for office supplies you never ordered; requests for your business’s updated contact information; and phony loans and grants. Read more on how to protect yourself against scams.
CFIs behaving badly
Pattern work and even stall recoveries and crosswind landings can become humdrum for some flight instructors. Most find suitable ways to handle the tedium, but a few deal with it in ways that end up in NTSB accident reports. READ MORE ›
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