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VOL. 7-ISSUE 22-10/31/2017
Down the rabbit hole
All eyes are on your flight school in the aftermath of an accident, and it’s tempting to go on the defensive. But there are solid reasons why you should not yield to temptation when talking to the media. READ MORE ›
Flight Training Experience Awards winners announced
A flight school in Alaska and a flight instructor in Colorado took top honors in the 2017 AOPA Flight Training Experience Awards. The National Best Flight School was SkyTrek Alaska, and the National Best Flight Instructor was Zoan Harclerode of Colorado Springs, Colorado. They were selected from among five regional winners in each of the two categories. READ MORE ›
Simhawk opens simulator industry survey
Simhawk Inc. is looking for participants in what it hopes will be annual survey of customer satisfaction on the availability, pricing, and other facets of flight simulators. The survey is open to all flight operations and individuals who use simulators for training, said Simhawk Chief Executive Officer Chris Weinberg. All participants will receive a summary of the survey results. Access the survey at the website until Nov. 30. Results will be made available to participants in early 2018.
Court removes restraining order in Santa Monica case
A temporary restraining order halting construction to shorten the runway at Santa Monica Municipal Airport has been lifted. AOPA and the National Business Aviation Association had filed a friend of the court brief supporting the delay, arguing that possible state law violations relating to the runway construction warranted a delay while the court reviews the city of Santa Monica’s alleged misconduct. READ MORE ›
Balloon association develops commercial safety standards
The Balloon Federation of America on Oct. 13 introduced a new accreditation program to assure passengers aboard commercial balloons that pilots will adhere to higher standards of safety. The program was developed following a 2016 crash in Lockhart, Texas, that killed 16. READ MORE ›
Flight school changing airports
Hillsboro Aero Academy will move from Prineville Airport (S39) to Roberts Field Airport (RDM) in Redmond, Oregon, over the next several months. The move will allow the flight school to expand into larger quarters and give students experience with air traffic control tower operations. Hillsboro also has locations at Hillsboro and Troutdale, according to The (Central Oregon) Bulletin.
Flight Training Experience survey
AOPA has announced the winners of the 2017 Flight Training Experience survey. Did your flight school participate this year? Tell us in this week’s poll.
In the Oct. 17, 2017, issue, we asked whether your flight school has an evacuation plan for any type of natural disaster. Here are the results:

<em>Flight School Business</em>
Social media: Putting the networking back in social networking
Social media isn’t just for marketing. It offers new and innovative ways to network with other industry professionals. And, while social media will never replace face-to-face networking, it can be used to facilitate those face-to-face connections. READ MORE ›
Daylight Saving Time ends for much of the United States and Canada on Nov. 5. Now’s the time for you to remind your customers that flying at night is enjoyable. Talk up the regulatory requirements; host a night flying refresher seminar; and encourage your flight instructors to see if their students need night currency training.
Not what you might think
A 75-year-old sport pilot crashed his homebuilt Sonex. Surely the probable cause had to be his age, health, or limited experience? First impressions are often wrong. READ MORE ›
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