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VOL. 8-ISSUE 3-2/6/2018
Flight School Spotlight:
Scottsdale Executive Flight Training
Are your clients and instructors routinely flying to the same old practice areas? Maybe it’s time to get out of the box and go somewhere fun. One Southwest flight school is seeing big benefits from doing just that. READ MORE ›
AOPA announces 2018 scholarship programs
Pass the word to your customers: Applications are open for three scholarship programs offered by AOPA. Two will help student pilots earn their initial pilot certificate, and a new program will help certificated pilots achieve an advanced certificate or rating. READ MORE ›
FSANA to hold annual convention Feb. 12
Learn about current issues, aviation regulations, and best business practices at this year’s Flight School Association of North America annual conference. This year’s event, to be held Feb. 12 through 15 in San Diego, Calif., will allow training providers an opportunity to meet with regional airline representatives about collaborative possibilities. READ MORE ›
Piper AD addresses fuel selector placards
The FAA has issued an airworthiness directive affecting many Piper PA–28 series single-engine aircraft, requiring inspection of the fuel tank selector cover to verify that the left and right fuel tank selector placards are positioned properly, and replacing those found not to conform. READ MORE ›
FAA proposes widespread AD for Cessna fatigue cracks
The FAA has proposed to adopt an airworthiness directive affecting numerous models of Cessna 172, 182, 206, 207, and 210 airplanes that would require inspection for possible metal fatigue cracking in the lower area of the forward cabin doorpost bulkhead, and any necessary repairs. Operators may comment on the AD by March 19. READ MORE ›
Texas flight school celebrates 100th class of international students
U.S. Aviation Academy, Denton, Texas, welcomed its 100th class of international students in January. Launched in 2009, the Part 141 flight school concentrates on airline cadet training with students from China Southern Airlines. U.S. Aviation has 100 training aircraft spread across three locations in North Texas. The company expects to fly more than 90,000 hours in 2018, according to a press release.
Ameriflight, Florida flight school sign pathway agreement
International cargo carrier Ameriflight has signed a career pathway agreement with Epic Flight Academy, New Smyrna Beach, Florida. The cadet pathway program will allow pilots to go from zero time to flying for an airline in five years. Cadets will acquire 1,200 hours at the flight school, then work as a captain at Ameriflight for three years. They will have the opportunity to advance to a carrier that has a flow-through or gateway agreement with Ameriflight, according to a press release.
FAA seeks San Francisco Class B airspace redesign
The FAA plans to redesign San Francisco’s Class B airspace and has offered a proposal that moves away from the typical concentric-circles airspace in favor of a layout based on updated arrival and departure routes to and from San Francisco International Airport. Pilots are encouraged to comment on the proposal. READ MORE ›
Valentine’s Day flights
Does your flight school do any promotions involving Valentine’s Day? Take the poll.
In the Jan. 23, 2018, issue, we wanted to know whether your flight school has increased CFI salaries within the last year. Here are the results.

<em>Flight School Business</em>
Value-added emails
Student solos and new instructors? Sure, these are great additions to your customer newsletter. But don’t ignore the obvious. A North Carolina flight school shows how much it values its customers by taking a deep dive into an annual inspection. READ MORE ›
If your flight school is located anywhere but Florida, Arizona, or California, you likely have seasonal spikes of furious training activity interspersed with slow periods when the weather is poor. Understand that this is a fact of life for business, and you might have to maintain as much as a three-month cash cushion to get your company through. See more financial tips from Entrepreneur.
Pilot recounts emergency night landing on busy freeway
Five miles offshore and eight miles from John Wayne Orange County Airport, a pilot in a Beechcraft G33 Bonanza had to make a quick decision about where to land when the airplane’s engine failed. READ MORE ›
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