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How to update and maintain your FBO listing in the AOPA Airport Directory


Now, through our updated platform we’re able to share all the things that make your FBO great: services offered, contract information, fuel prices, operational fees, and more. AOPA’s airport directory has served hundreds of thousands of AOPA members and pilots for over 50 years through print and electronic media.

How to add/update your FBO listing


Login or Create a Free AOPA Account

Website accounts are free and AOPA Membership is not required



Claim your FBO or Business in the Airport Directory

(Skip this step if you already have access to your FBO/Business listing)

If you have not claimed your FBO or business previously, fill out this form. After submitting the request form, an AOPA Airport Directory team member will be in contact with you to verify and authorize administrator access to your business listing.


Launch AOPA’s airport directory

You can either navigate to the webpage using AOPA’s standard navigation (see below) or type in


Search by airport name or ident where your FBO or Business is based

For the example below you can either type in Frederick municipal airport, KFDK, or FDK. Then Simply hit the search button.


Click on your FBO/Business in the FBO section to open your details page.

You’ll find the FBO section below the overview section on the page. Simply scroll down or use the top navigation until you see FBO listings.


Enable edit mode by clicking the toggle button above the name of your FBO/Business

Make sure you are logged in before you come here. If you don’t, you wont see the toggle button. You’ll know Edit Mode is on because the toggle will turn red.


Use edit controls in each section to update/add/remove information

Once edit mode is enabled you’ll notice several different types of icons appear on the page that you didn’t see before. Each icon represents a different type of action you can do to modify the page.

Blue Pencil = Edit Information
Red Trash Can Icon = Remove Information
Green Plus Icon = Add New Information
Save Button = Saves Information to Database

Don’t forget to save your edits when you are finished!


I don’t see the Edit Mode Slider button on my FBO listing page.

First, make sure you are logged into the AOPA website. Your name should appear in the upper right corner of the webpage. Also, make sure you have “claimed” your business and received a confirmation back from the AOPA Airports team. If you are not sure you have claimed your business, please follow the instructions in Step 2 above.

I’m not sure I have an AOPA web account. How do I check this?

If you have previously registered for a free AOPA web account, or, you have an AOPA membership, you can reset your password or retrieve your username using links on the login page.

I can’t find my FBO or Business in the Airport Directory when I search for it. How can I locate it or have it added to the AOPA Directory?

In order to find your FBO or Business, first do a search for the airport where you are based. You can search by the name of the airport, city/state or by the FAA or ICAO identifier. Go to the airport details page once you locate the correct airport and click on the FBOs quick-link in the top navigation bar. You should see your FBO/Business name in the list FBO’s or Other Businesses. If your FBO or Business is not in the list, please contact our Airport Directory team via email at [email protected] for assistance.

Can I authorize another staff member to make updates to our FBO/Business listing?

Yes, you can grant administrator access to as many of your staff members as you want. Please contact the Airport Directory team for further assistance.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 888.359.2672

What is the “Verify This Listing” checkbox?

The “Verify This Listing” checkbox is used after you have reviewed all of your data and determined that no updates are needed. Checking this box will update the “last updated” date on your listing so pilots and other users know that your information is current.

How often should we update our FBO or Business listing?

You can update your listing anytime you have changes to your business. Changes could be for services, products, fees, contact info and other information. Even if you don’t have any changes, we recommend you verify your listing on a periodic basis like monthly or quarterly. Using the “Verify This Listing” checkbox sets a new “Last Updated” date so pilots and other users know that your information is current.

Is there a charge or fee to list my FBO/Business in the AOPA Airport Directory?

No! Your business listing is a free service provided by AOPA. The AOPA Airport Directory is a comprehensive source of airport and FBO and Business information used by pilots and other users. The AOPA Airport Directory attracts over 47,000 visitors per month and is open to all users with or without an AOPA membership.

Where can I get more assistance about updating my listing?

For more assistance, please contact our AOPA Airports team using the information below:

Email: [email protected]
Phone 888-359-2672