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AOPA Airports and Destinations

Release History

Version 2.1.4 (3/6/2024)

  • New Features/Changes:
    • Aviation Events Calendar Updates:
      • Constrained the width of event thumbnail images for better alignment in the left column event list.
      • Removed the photo navigation controls (previous / next) when an event only has one image.

Version 2.1.3 (12/5/2023)

  • New Features/Changes:
    • Aviation Events Calendar Updates:
      • Events can now have up to three photos per event. One cover/thumbnail photo and two additional photos.
      • New image viewer added for viewing photos in a larger size and providing intuitive controls to view additional photos.
      • Bug fix for an error message being displayed if the event start time was 12:00 (AM or PM) and the event start and end date were on the same day.

Version 2.1.2 (11/20/2023)

  • New Features/Changes:
    • Aviation Events Calendar Updates:
      • Added the Date Range to the top of the results map that shows the date range of the displayed events.
      • Added Pagination to the events list on the map page for enhanced performance.
      • Updated the Time input controls for adding and editing events to better support some Macintosh computers and browsers.

Version 2.1.1 (10/30/2023)

  • New Features/Changes:
    • Aviation Events Calendar Updates:
      • Added ability to Clone previous events to quickly create new events that are similar. Clone button is visible when Event is in Edit mode.
      • Ability to search for past events by adjusting the Start Date on the search screen.
      • Added a button on the map results page that shows or hides the airport map markers. Default is Off.
      • The Street Address 2 field in no longer used for address validation. This will prevent addresses that contain a Street 2 value from failing validation.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented events from displaying when the search Start and End dates were set to the same day.

Version 2.1.0 (10/16/2023)

  • New Features/Changes:
    • Aviation Events Calendar Updates
      • Inline Editing – Event owners can now edit previously posted events using Edit Mode to display in-line page editing controls on the event details page.
      • Deleting Events – Event owners can delete events in their entirety when in Edit Mode.
      • Added “New Search” button to the event map results page to easily go back to the main search page.
      • Set default event date search range from 12 months to 6 months to avoid too many map markers displayed at the same time.
      • Event thumbnail photos have been added to the Nearby Event cards on Airport Detail pages.
      • The event type is now shown on the event detail pages and the event cards.
      • Added a 400ms delay to the mouse pointer when crossing map markers to avoid unnecessary list scrolling actions.
      • Improved address validation when entering events so typos and other address issues are properly validated for accuracy prior to saving

Version 2.0 (7/13/2023)

  • New Features/Changes:
    • Events Calendar
      • The Airport Directory now contains aviation events. These include airshows, fly-ins, safety seminars, webinars and other aviation-oriented events. Nearby events are also listed on airport details pages. Select the Find Events tab on the main search page to view event search options.

Version 1.4.8 (7/13/2023)

  • New Features/Changes:
    • Minor organizational change to Food, Lodging and Activities section for clarity.
    • Removed old version of “Report a Problem” button that appeared in certain conditions.
    • Aviation College listings now indicate if PhD programs are offered.
    • Minor change to how/when dates are displayed on Airport Alert Banners.
    • Added new Awards and Recognitions section to Flight Schools that will show AOPA Flight Training Excellence badges for current and past award recipients.
    • Globally fixed common word misspellings in Remarks sections (affected Bahama and Caribbean airports).

Version (1.4.7 11/8/2022)

  • New Features/Changes:
    • General system updates

Version (1.4.6 11/8/2022)

  • New Features/Changes:
    • Search bar at top of airport and business details pages can now be pinned so it is always visible when scrolling detail pages.

Version 1.4.5 (8/8/2022)

  • New Features/Changes:
    • Added National and State Parks as a search option in Explore Places to Fly.
    • Added “Suggest a Change to this Page” button and form in the Overview section for airport and business pages.
    • Changed default map view for Flying Clubs to satellite and decreased zoom level.
    • Added option for Flying Clubs to indicate a waiting list for new members is available.

Version 1.4.3 (6/7/2022)

  • New Features/Changes:
    • Added local Sunrise and Sunset times to Airport Overview section
    • Added local Civil Twilight Start/End times to Airport Overview section
    • Created Flight Training section on Airport Details page to list flight schools and other training opportunities

Version: 1.4.2 (3/2/2022)

  • New Features/Changes:
    • Added link to AOPA Weather in the weather section at the bottom of the airport details page
    • Added additional data points to translated TAFs that include turbulence and wind shear forecasts 

Version: 1.4.1 (1/18/2022)

  • General update/fixes

Version: 1.4.0 (12/8/2021)

  • New Features/Changes:
    • Integration of the AOPA Pilot Guides data (Bahamas and Caribbean Island Guides)

Version: 1.3.0 (10/20/2021)

  • New Features/Changes:
    • Added Fuel Price Map
    • Added button to toggle fuel prices on the map based on the selected fuel type
    • Changed map zoom level to show more airports/prices on the map (larger area)
    • Added new Fuel Brands to fuel prices section:
    • AEG Fuels
    • Independent
    • Mercury
    • World Fuel 

Version: 1.2.66 (9/2/2021)

  • New Features/Changes:
    • Fuel Price sync with iFlightPlanner
    • Added Time Zone and UTC Offset in airport overview section
    • Include application version number at bottom of airport pages 

Version: 1.2.63 (4/19/2021)

  • General update/fixes