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Introducing iFlightPlanner for AOPA

While working on the transition to a new planner, AOPA listened carefully to feedback about what members value most for flight planning tools in an online or desktop environment. The result is a new partnership with iFlightPlanner that combines a new technology platform with a core set of features that AOPA members have long been asking for. iFlightPlanner, an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based firm, is providing a unique version of its flight planning platform exclusively to AOPA members free of charge.

Beginning April 22, AOPA members can access the new planner through accessing iFlightPlanner through this portal will verify free access for AOPA members. Stored flight plans and profiles set up through the previous legacy planner will be pre-loaded into iFlightPlanner. From April 22 through April 30, both the sunsetting legacy flight planner and the new iFlightPlanner will be available.