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To the average tourist, The Bahamas means Paradise Island and other mega resorts. For the pilot, it means exploring more than 600 islands and cays that begin just 56nm off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale. Some are full of music and nightlife, Bahamians and other tourists, others are the ultimate ‘get away from it all’ destination and so many others are in between. But, do you know what islands have private airports? Which runways are gravel? How to fill out Customs & Immigration paperwork or how to contact them for your arrival? You will with The Bahamas Pilot’s Guide.


The Caribbean includes more than 7,000 islands and less than 10% of them are inhabited. And every island is a little different, from the country that runs them to the language spoken, the side of the road vehicles drive on, to how Customs & Immigration handles approach and paperwork. In The Caribbean Pilot’s Guide, you’ll get everything you need to plan your flight from how to prepare when you enter Cuban airspace to where to scuba dive when you’re in the Virgin Islands, so you can focus on having fun and relaxing.

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