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Textron's single-engine turboprop will be powered by a single, FADEC-equipped GE turboprop engine of 1,240-shp.

Textron details single-engine turboprop

Passengers taking rides in Total Flight Solution's Robinson R44 got this view of AOPA's Beaufort Fly-In.

Gray skies are gonna clear up

Training and safety

Are you a "magenta-line pilot"?

Training Tip: 'Magenta-line pilots'

The Mach 0.1 glider cockpit simulator designed by instructor Russell Holtz includes a stick, adjustable rudder pedals, spoilers, wheel brake, landing gear, trim, and a tow release handle. Photo courtesy of Russell Holtz.

Glider instructor designs cockpit simulator

Seminar examines trying new things to reduce accidents


Copper River Basin


register for battle creek

AOPA's 2016 Fly-Ins


Appeals court reverses dismissal in Santa Monica case

The Capitol is home to the U.S. Congress and its House and Senate governing bodies, two of the many government agencies that have influence over general aviation. Photo by David Tulis.

Congress moves closer to FAA funding

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