AOPA Resources for You

AOPA Resources for You

Advocacy is hard work!

AOPA needs your help in protecting your airport and your Freedom to Fly. So we have developed some useful resources and gathered them on this page to make your job easier. On this page you should find everything you and your fellow pilots need to take action in your community.

Use the guides and information you will find here to make your voice heard – in your community, with your elected officials, and amongst other pilots and aviation supporters. Remember, successful advocacy takes time and constant engagement. Use all of these tools to develop a comprehensive plan and make a difference.

Remember, participating in the AOPA Airport Support Network is critical for your airport – the ASN program can help guide you and other airport advocates as you organize or strengthen a local advocacy group armed with the political skills and information you need to defend your airport.

Promoting GA Airports

Public Relations - The Key to Your Airport’s Success

Organizing your Airport Group - Establishing an airport support group will help build public support for the airport.

It's Your Airport - Serving your community and creating value today and for the future.

Protecting Your Local Airport - Political pressures, greed, and even pilot apathy are the top killers of GA airports. That’s why AOPA relies on dedicated pilots like you to be GA’s first line of defense.

Economic Impact of General Aviation

Recognizing Your Airport Sponsor - Has your Airport Sponsor supported your airport and deserve recognition? Fill out this online form and AOPA will send a letter thanking them for supporting general aviation airports. After we receive your submission, we will contact you if we need further details and to let you know when the letter will be sent. Fill out the Form >>

FAA Airport Improvement Program (AIP) White paper - Background information regarding the Airport Improvement Program.

AOPA Guides

Airport Advocates: Participating in the Planning Process - This handbook will guide you through the steps of the land-use and airport planning processes, offer examples of successful advocacy efforts, and introduce you to the buzz words, political groups, and industry practices that will help you become an effective airport advocate.

Holding an Airport Open House - A step-by-step guide to staging an airport open house that will help non-pilot neighbors appreciate the value of a convenient community GA airport.

Aircraft Hangar Development - This guide will help you and your airport owner successfully plan, design, and complete a new hangar development project at your airport.

Candidate Forums - Helping pilots discover where candidates stand on issues important to GA.

Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Activities - The FAA urges airport sponsors to establish reasonable minimum standards that are relevant to the aeronautical activity being proposed. These minimum standards are intended to protect the level and quality of services offered to aircraft owners, pilots, and the public at large.

FAA Airport Compliance - This booklet is intended as a guide in understanding the rules, procedures, and policies applicable to the FAA’s procedures for airport compliance.

Airport Noise and Compatible Land Use - This booklet is intended as a guide in the understanding of the issues, rules, procedures, and policies applicable to airport noise and compatible land use planning.

Airport closures at privately owned/public-use airports - Your favorite privately owned airport is going to be sold to a developer! What can you do?

Media Tools

Media Support- For GA facts and statistics visit the AOPA Newsroom.

How to Have a Successful Media Event - A concise brochure that includes facts about GA, ideas for involving reporters and strategies for successful events promoting your local GA airport.

Writing a Letter to the Editor - An AOPA guide offering insights of experienced journalists on writing a letter to the editor that will set the record straight. It also gives tips on getting a letter published or broadcast.

What Is General Aviation? - Reveals the breadth of GA, from personal, recreational and business flying to air ambulance, law enforcement, agricultural application, and much more. (requires Adobe Reader)

Take 'em Flying! - An appropriate and well-planned flight in a general aviation aircraft is probably the quickest way to overcome misconceptions about general aviation. The brochure Take 'em Flying! encourages pilots to share their love of flying by providing a firsthand flying experience to people unfamiliar with general aviation. (requires Adobe Reader)

Industry Resources

Federal Aviation Administration
Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Reports
  • Report 58: Airport Industry Familiarization and Training for Part-Time Airport Policy Makers
  • Report 44: A Guidebook for the Preservation of Public-Use Airports
  • Report 16: Guidebook for Managing Small Airports
  • Report 28: Marketing Guidebook for Small Airports
  • Report 38: Understanding Airspace, Objects, and Their Effects on Airports
  • Report 27: Enhancing Airport Land Use Compatibility, Volume 1: Land Use Fundamentals and Implementation Resources
  • Report 27: Enhancing Airport Land Use Compatibility, Volume 2: Land Use Survey and Case Study Summaries
  • Report 32: Guidebook for Addressing Aircraft/Wildlife Hazards at General Aviation Airports
  • Report 15:Aircraft Noise: A Toolkit for Managing Community Expectations
  • Report 77: Guidebook for Developing General Aviation Business Plans

Synthesis of Practice Reports
  • Synthesis 1: Innovative Finance and Alternative Sources of Revenue for Airports
  • Synthesis 19: Airport Revenue Diversification
  • Synthesis 7: Airport Economic Impact Methods and Models
  • Synthesis 4: Counting Aircraft Operations at Non-Towered Airports
  • Synthesis 3: General Aviation Safety and Security Practices