Political Action Committee

PAC News/Issues:

AOPA is currently lobbying for legislation to expand the 3rd class medical certificate, and we fought back against the FAA’s unilateral policy-making on Sleep Apnea.  We are also working to limit Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) authority to stop and search law-abiding pilots and GA aircraft unless there is reasonable suspicion of illegal activity or probable cause to do so.  Other key issues include: finding an alternative to leaded aviation gasoline; protecting the interests of GA as the FAA and Congress work towards modernizing our air traffic control system or NextGen; working in states to cut costs, protect funding, and keep aviation accessible;  protecting Santa Monica airport from closure; and leading an effort to transform pilot testing and training.


AOPA PAC is an integral part of AOPA's efforts to promote the legislative and political interests of all aircraft owners and pilots. AOPA PAC is an independent fund of voluntary, personal contributions. The fund is strictly regulated by the Federal Election Commission and is used by political candidates to defray campaign costs. AOPA PAC is a completely non-partisan entity. Its primary goal is to elect a pro-general aviation majority in Congress.

Under federal law, AOPA is prohibited from giving dues money to candidates for federal office. Therefore, AOPA PAC has been created to identify and contribute money to qualified candidates who weigh the interests of general aviation when considering legislation. In addition to our proven friends in Congress, AOPA PAC works to cultivate new members and candidates who are supportive of the industry.

The AOPA PAC provides members with another collective tool to ensure the needs of general aviation are recognized in Congress. By contributing through AOPA PAC, your dollars are pooled with contributions from other pilots and aircraft owners nationwide. This means that each dollar you give carries far greater weight than if you contributed on your own. By acting through the PAC, you are part of a focused and effective campaign to achieve maximum returns from limited dollars.

By acting through the PAC, AOPA members are part of a focused and effective campaign on behalf of general aviation to achieve maximum returns from limited dollars.  The PAC allows us to back our friends in Congress who support us day-to-day in defense of our freedom to fly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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I want my funds to go strictly to a Republican / Democrat, otherwise I will not donate. Is this possible?
Why should I support a Democrat or Republican just because he/she is pro-GA?