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Washington governor praises GA in proclamation

Advocacy | 2015, 06 02

General aviation is vital to the state of Washington’s economy and transportation system and contributes to the well-being of its citizens, proclaimed Gov. Jay Inslee.

IFR Fix: Unknown problem, imperfect solution

IFR Fix | 2015, 06 01

There was a bang, the instructor says, followed by a vibration in the control column. Did something on the cowling let go, striking the tail?

Training Tip: 'VFR not recommended'

Article | 2015, 05 29

Don’t let an undramatic presentation of a "VFR not recommended" advisory rob you of your ability to use good judgment about its importance.

Tower-marking bill signed in Texas

Advocacy | 2015, 05 27

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has signed a bill to require the marking and registration of meteorological evaluation towers, a known hazard to aviation.

Idaho aviators gather for fifth annual expo

Advocacy | 2015, 05 27

General aviation pilots in Idaho gathered in Idaho Falls for the fifth annual Idaho Aviation Expo on May 15 and 16.

Training Tip: Cross-check and interpretation

Article | 2015, 05 22

"Accident statistics show that the pilot who has not been trained in attitude instrument flying, or one whose instrument skills have eroded, will lose control of the airplane in about 10 minutes once forced to rely solely on instrument references," explains the Airplane Flying Handbook.

Training Tip: A misleading sensation

Article | 2015, 05 18

“Flying in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) can result in sensations that are misleading to the body’s sensory system," explains the Instrument Flying Handbook.

Expanded Alaska complex could squeeze GA access, safety

Advocacy | 2015, 05 13

AOPA has submitted formal comments noting concerns about the proposed expansion of military operations areas in the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex.

Pilot plans around-the-world flight to promote GA

Article | 2015, 05 13

A pilot from California is set to launch May 18 on an around-the-world flight to demonstrate that personal aviation is “truly available to everyone.”

IFR Fix: Red flag warning

IFR Fix | 2015, 05 12

From one 56-day cycle to the next, a U.S. en route low altitude chart contains an average of 1,361 changes.

Humanitarian aviation group helping in Nepal

Article | 2015, 05 11

Nampa, Idaho-based Mission Aviation Fellowship is providing flight services with two helicopters, and logistical support for relief efforts in Nepal.

Training Tip: The hazardous attitude of resignation

Article | 2015, 05 11

One pilot tries to exit the runway too quickly so that an Airbus can depart and loses control of the aircraft; another landing at a fly-in fails to make a last-minute correction for a gust of wind, resulting in a "drop-in" landing and aircraft damage.

Scholarship puts aviation career in student's reach

Article | 2015, 05 06

A Michigan high school senior whose dream of a piloting career overmatched the reach of his family’s finances got game-changing news on April 30.

Training Tip: The hazardous attitude of impulsivity

Article | 2015, 05 05

A student learned that the flight school’s most popular trainer was involved in a loss-of-control-on-landing accident the previous day. The pilot flying the trainer said, "It was a classic case of get-down-itis. All I could think was, 'I have to get this plane on the ground.'"

Food flight

Article | 2015, 05 05

There are no dues, and no rules, except to “fly safe” in the South Carolina Breakfast Club. Just enjoy the fun, the fellowship, some flying, and a home-cooked southern breakfast.

Aviation advocates hard at work in California

Advocacy | 2015, 04 29

California benefits from a strong airport system, and that system generates fuel-tax revenue that should go to the support of aviation infrastructure, AOPA said.

Ohio budget bill would increase aviation support

Advocacy | 2015, 04 29

The Ohio House has passed a biennial budget bill that would make available $6 million to meet the needs of the state’s aviation system.

Minnesota sets public meetings on airport zoning

Advocacy | 2015, 04 29

Minnesota’s aviation community will have opportunities to weigh in on proposed changes to airport zoning laws at a series of outreach meetings.

Oklahoma bill limits wind turbines' encroachment

Advocacy | 2015, 04 28

An Oklahoma bill should enhance flight safety by setting a minimum mile-and-a-half distance from airports for the construction of new wind-energy turbines.

IFR Fix: Aircraft for rent, maybe

IFR Fix | 2015, 04 28

A flight school/aircraft rental business had a double scare recently when two of its aircraft didn’t show up at two different destinations on separate days.

Training Tip: No way out but down

Article | 2015, 04 27

Pilots who fly into obviously deteriorating weather don’t always land or turn around in time.

Pete Weber dubbed oldest active living pilot

Article | 2015, 04 27

Every time Pete Weber Jr. of Cameron Park, California, takes an aircraft aloft these days, he beats his own record—at least, unofficially.

Concerns raised about Cessna 120, 140 seat belt brackets

Advocacy | 2015, 04 21

A special airworthiness information bulletin raises airworthiness concerns about aluminum seat belt mounting brackets installed in Cessna model 120 and 140 aircraft.

Training Tip: 'Immediate and rapid descent'

Article | 2015, 04 20

The emergency descent is a flight-test item found as Task A, Emergency Operations, in the Private Pilot Practical Test Standards.

Event launches Colorado's spring flying season

Advocacy | 2015, 04 17

Colorado aviators came together to strengthen ties, enhance safety of flight, and enjoy each other’s company in an annual meet-and-greet event at Denver’s Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport.