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Stalls, thermals, and fun

Article | 2015, 04 21

Students in Redbird Flight Simulation's One Week Ready to Solo project hopped around South Florida, landing their Cessnas at airports large and small, and even a U.S. Air Force base—in the simulator, of course.

Big numbers

Article | 2015, 04 20

Sun ‘n Fun International Fly-In and Expo is shaping up to set records for attendance.

First flights

Article | 2015, 04 20

Ask pilots about their first flight, and you can expect they’ll remember it well no matter how long they’ve been flying.

Continental boosts diesel retrofit capacity

Article | 2015, 04 17

Continental Motors Group announced on April 16 that the FAA has approved assembly of CD-100 series engine retrofit kits in Alabama.

Town enacts noise rules

Advocacy | 2015, 04 17

The town of East Hampton, New York, voted April 16 to approve local limitations on aircraft operations, with fines and other penalties.

Auctioning atomic history

Article | 2015, 04 16

Capt. Robert Lewis kept careful notes and collected photos during and after the Enola Gay’s fateful mission on Aug. 6, 1945.

Apple Watch takes flight

Article | 2015, 04 16

The first thing aviation software developers had to figure out about the Apple Watch was just how much data to deliver.

Spread the weather word

Advocacy | 2015, 04 16

If your local airport does not already broadcast local weather beyond the VHF radio or phone, there may be an opportunity to change that.

Apple update nixes GPS connection

Article | 2015, 04 15

Users, application developers, and portable GPS receiver manufacturers report iOS 8.3 causes older-model, portable GPS receivers to stop communicating with navigation apps.

Flight Design C4 flies

Article | 2015, 04 14

Flight Design’s four-place C4 completed its maiden flight April 9, with no surprises.