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  • 2.2 Million monthly page views
  • 727,000 monthly unique visitors  
  • 90% of users made an aviation purchase online within past 12 months
  • 79% access online flight planning and weather


  • 64% plan to take recurrent flight training
  • 51% plan to purchase ADS-B products
  • 60% plan to purchase avionics and aircraft systems 



File Specifications

  • File Format: Rich Media, HTML5, .jpeg or .gif
  • Resolution: 72 dpi min resolution
  • Max Animation Length: 15 sec.
  • Max Video Length: 30 sec.
  • Max Animation Frame Rate: 24 - 30 fps
  • Z-Index Range (Non-Expandable/Expandable): 0 - 4,999 / 5,000 - 1,999,999 (for entire ad unit)
  • Audio Initiation: Must be user-initiated (on click: mute/un-mute); default state is muted
  • Minimum Required Controls: Mouse On/Off for expansion video must include: Play, Pause, Mute (volume control to zero (0) output may be included instead of or in addition to Mute control)
  • Labeling Requirements, Font Size, etc.: Ad unit content must be clearly distinguishable from normal webpage content (i.e., ad unit must have clearly defined borders and not be confused with normal page content)
  • Links: Include complete URL for hyperlinking
  • Submission Lead-Time: 5 business days before campaign start.
  • Implementation Notes & Best Practices: For times when the user’s browser does not support creative functionality, (i.e., Rich Media), provide a backup image.

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