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Benefits of Equipping with ADS-B Out

If you don’t fly in airspace where ADS-B is required, you do not have to equip. However, there are several reasons why you may still want to consider equipping:

  • The ability to fly in ADS-B airspace at any time if the need arises. 
  • Enhanced safety and additional situational awareness from traffic and free weather information (if you also opt for ADS-B In or have a portable ADS-B receiver). 
  • Maintain airframe value. (Aircraft that are not ADS-B equipped are likely to fall in value.) 
  • More efficient search and rescue. ADS-B’s GPS-based surveillance provides more accurate information about an aircraft’s last reported position. This is because ADS-B Out avionics transmit data approximately once every second, compared to a ground-based radar’s sweep rate of 3-15 seconds. 
  • More efficient spacing and optimal IFR routing in nonradar environments, including the Gulf of Mexico, mountainous regions of Colorado, and lower altitudes in some parts of Alaska.