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    Aerial photography of the Pipistrel Panthera four place piston single.Inverness Airport (INF)Inverness, FL USA


  • Pipistrel’s Panthera, a sleek four-seater with base price of $600,000 and a 200-knot maximum cruise, has finally arrived in the United States to pretty much universal enthusiasm. The Panthera looks like it’s going 200 knots just sitting on the ramp. Its all-composite airframe has been optimized for low drag, so there’s little frontal area and great attention to detail when it comes to fit and finish. Starting at the front, you can see the tight cowling and smallish engine cooling inlets, which feed ram air into a massive plenum to maximize cooling. The airplane’s 260-horsepower Lycoming IO-540 also has tuned Inconel exhaust stacks for improved combustion efficiency and lower noise profiles. Its titanium landing gear assemblies are light, yet strong, and Beringer wheels also were chosen for their light weight.

    Pipistrel Panthera


  • Powerplant

    Lycoming I0-540V-V4A5, 260 hp

  • Propellers

  • Length

    26 ft 6 in

  • Height

    7 ft 2 in

  • Wingspan

    35 ft 8 in

  • Wing Area

    121 sq ft

  • Wing loading

    23.97 lb/sq ft

  • Power loading

    11.15 lb/hp

  • Cabin Width

  • Empty Weight

  • Maximum gross weight

    2,900 lb

  • Useful load

  • Payload with full fuel

    770 lb

  • Fuel capacity

    55.4 gal

  • Baggage capacity


  • Takeoff distance ground roll

    1,220 ft

  • Takeoff distance over 50-ft obstacle

    2,155 ft

  • Rate of climb sea level

    1,300 fpm

  • Service ceiling

    25,000 ft

  • Landing distance over 50-ft obstacle

    2,316 ft

  • Landing distance ground roll

    1,135 ft

  • Cruise speed/endurance w/45-min rsv, std fuel (fuel consumption, ea engine) @ 75% power, best economy

    194 KTAS/14.8 gph

  • Range

Limiting and Recommended Airspeeds

  • VX

  • VY

  • VNE

    220 KIAS

  • VS1

    60 KIAS

  • VSO

    55 KIAS

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All specifications are based on manufacturer's calculations. All performance figures are based on standard day, standard atmosphere, sea level, gross weight conditions unless otherwise noted.