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Flying Sport Pilot

Have questions about the Sport Pilot Certificate? Find answers here.

The sport pilot certificate, introduced in 2004, created a new medical standard for pilots.

Sport Pilot

Sport pilots do not need a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) medical certificate to fly an aircraft. They may use their current driver's license as proof that they are medically fit to operate low-speed aircraft. Read all about it online.

Sport Pilot Medical Certification—Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the FAA's answers to the most often asked questions regarding sport pilot privileges and medical certification.

Sport Pilot for Student Pilots

What is the first step I need to take to become a sport pilot? Learn this and more in this section.

Sport Pilot for Certificated Pilots

I'm already a certificated pilot, but have no medical. Can I fly as a sport pilot? Find the answer to this and more questions in this section.

Updated March 2016