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Exxon fuel recallExxon fuel recall

Exxon fuel recall

See also Exxon’s November 27 recall.
See also Exxon’s technical Q&A (November 28).
See also Texaco’s statement (December 2).
See also Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (December 11).

Exxon press statement
November 25, 1998
Aviation gasoline recall

As a precautionary measure, Exxon has recalled the aviation gasoline that has been delivered to 19 fixed-base operators in eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware in recent deliveries. The recall is based on test results of samples of aviation gasoline delivered to Exxon by Texaco from a Pennsauken, New Jersey, facility. Testing revealed that the affected fuel did not meet ASTM specifications in one area. While this was not a critical test failure, we are taking this step as a precaution in coordination with Texaco and our affected fixed-base operators.

The affected fuel will be removed both from airport tanks and from fueled aircraft. Impacted fixed-base operators will be re-supplied with aviation gasoline from a different source until the cause of the problem has been investigated and resolved. Aviation gasoline is typically used in private piston-engine aircraft; this recall is limited to aviation gasoline and does not effect turbine fuel used by most airlines.

Exxon FBOs impacted by avgas recall of November 24, 1998

Aire Shannon

Fredericksburg, Va.


Lancaster, Pa.

Bayland Aviation

Salisbury, Md.

Chesapeake Aviation

Lee/Annapolis, Md.

Chester Co. Aviation

Coatesville, Pa.

Crawford, J.K.

Indian Head, Md.

De Gol Jet Center

Montoursville, Pa.

Dorchester County

Cambridge, Md.

Frederick Aviation

Frederick, Md.

Freeway Airport

Mitchellville, Md.

Fruchter (Marc) Aviation

Reading, Pa.

Hawthorne Dulles,

Chantilly, Va.

Maryland Aviation

Martin State/Middle River, Md.

Montgomery Aviation

Gaithersburg, Md.

Moyer Aviation

Mount Pocono, Pa.

North Philadelphia Aviation Ctr.

Philadelphia, Pa.

Ocean City

Ocean City, Md.

Pennsylvania Aviation

Blue Bell, Pa.

Summit Aviation

Middletown, De.

Letter to FBOs
November 25, 1998

Dear Exxon FBO:

Both Exxon and your facility have received numerous phone inquires from pilots and aircraft owners regarding actions that should be taken if their aircraft was fueled with avgas Exxon recently recalled and Exxon’s plan relative to alternative transportation.

Alternative transportation

Exxon will reimburse affected customers for legitimate and reasonable alternative travel expenses in excess of the expenses they would have incurred on previously planned travel where such additional expenses are a direct result of the product recall. Such customers will need documentation supporting all such expenses. Exxon will notify you shortly as to where such documentation should be submitted.

Instructions for affected aircraft

Following are instructions on actions that should be taken for aircraft that were fueled with the recalled avgas for you to provide to your affected customers.

If possible, all off-spec product (defuel, and refueler inventory) should be returned to your storage tanks prior to the arrival of the pump-out truck. Any product defueled after receipt of a fresh load of avgas should be stored separately and labeled as off-spec aviation gasoline. Please retain all documentation of defuel operations such as aircraft number, volume defueled, and expenses associated with the defuel operation.


D.L. Thibodeau
Manager, Aviation Sales
Exxon Company, USA

Procedures to remove avgas from aircraft

  • Defuel/sump avgas from the impacted aircraft
  • Replenish avgas with fresh product
  • Maintain documentation of volume defueled and expenses associated with the defuel procedure

There is no need to flush the aircraft fuel system or change any fuel system components.

For aircraft defueled at a location other than the FBO who provided the off-spec avgas

Defuel product should be stored separately from other avgas and labeled as off-spec aviation gasoline. The FBO who dispensed the off-spec avgas should be notified of the location and amount of the off-spec fuel.

November 25, 1998

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