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International Flight Bulletin: New NAV CANADA ATC FeesInternational Flight Bulletin: New NAV CANADA ATC Fees

International Flight Bulletin: New NAV CANADA ATC fees

General aviation summary

Effective March 1, 1999, non-Canadian-registered aircraft weighing 6,614 pounds or less are subject to a quarterly charge of $9.85 (C$15). Non-Canadian-registered aircraft will be charged on the basis of the first recorded arrival into a Canadian airport during each quarter of the annual fee period. The aircraft weight used is the typical maximum permissible takeoff weight for the aircraft type by reference to the Canadian Civil Aircraft Register. As an example, a light U.S.-registered general aviation aircraft will be billed the quartile charge once, regardless of how many times the border was crossed during that quarter. If the same aircraft enters Canadian airspace once each quarter, the total of all quarterly fees billed is $39.40 (C$60). Some exemptions from charges are provided for gliders, ultralights, balloons, fire fighting and related operational training, and air ambulance operations paid by government. Also exempt are aircraft performing in airshows, operating for registered charity as defined by the Income Tax Act (Canada) or foreign equivalent, and search and rescue under the direction of police or the Department of National Defense.

The quarterly charge will be billed following the quarter in which air navigation services were provided or made available to the aircraft based on fiscal quarters. For example, flights made in March through May will be billed in June. Flights that occur during two quarters, for example enter Canada in May and leave in June, will have two bills, one for each quarter with a delay of three months between bills.

Payment by check, money order, or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) can be made in Canadian or equivalent U.S. dollars, converted at the exchange rate for buying Canadian dollars on the day the remittance is deposited by NAV CANADA. Checks, money orders, and credit card authorization forms must be sent by mail.

Non-payment and late penalties may be applied. In addition, NAV CANADA may apply to the courts for an order authorizing the corporation to seize and detain aircraft for which there are unpaid or overdue charges.

Click here to read NAV CANADA’s announcement of new and revised service charges.

NAV CANADA customer service representatives can be reached at 800/876-4693 or by e-mail. Larger aircraft may have terminal, enroute, and extra service charges that are detailed on NAV CANADA’s Web site.

Should you require additional assistance, contact the AOPA technical services department at 800/872-2672.

March 8, 1999

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